Ranking the 5 best Allen Iverson signature shoes that established him as a fashion icon in the NBA


Allen Iverson will forever be one of the best players in the NBA. He was Rookie of the Year in 1996-97, eleven-time All-Star and MVP in 2001. Many loved to cheer on Iverson because of his toughness and drive to win games. During his career, he played for four teams, but he will always be known as a Philadelphia 76ers legend.

“The Answer” has been influential to many. He is best known for his killer crossover. Besides his basketball moves, Iverson’s style was a major reason the NBA adopted a dress code prior to the 2005–06 season. Players began to dress like him as the AI ​​became a fashion and cultural icon.

Iverson would often enter the arena and show up for interviews wearing durags, gold chains, and oversized shirts. But what completed her look were her signature shoes. AI signed with Reebok immediately after being drafted in 1996. Since that day, the rest is history as Iverson rocked his classic collection of iconic shoes.

With that said, let’s rank the top five signature shoes from AI.

Top 5 Allen Iverson Shoes

#1: Reebok Question Mid (White/Red)

Reebok Question Mid
Reebok Question Mid

Reebok Question Mid will take the top spot on this list. The pair has a lot of history attached to them. Not only was it Allen Iverson’s first signature shoe, but he also wore the pair while showcasing his crossover and winning Rookie of the Year.

Without a doubt, this is a historic pair attached to many firsts. It was the first AI shoe he wore in his first season and played against a slew of NBA greats for the first time.

#2: Reebok Answer I (Navy/Gold)

Answer Reebok I
Answer Reebok I

From the Answer line, Reebok Answer I Navy/Gold will always be a fan favorite. The upper of the stylish DMX shoe was made of navy blue patent leather with shiny gold accents. Iverson never wore the pair on the court, but the fan-favorite status it enjoyed was due to the departure of team colors, much like classic Jordans such as the September Blue 6s or the Bordeaux 7s.

#3: Reebok Answer V

Reebok Answer V
Reebok Answer V

One of the best thought out designs and a huge commercial success was the Reebok Answer V. The model featured the best DMX cushioning, wild 3M embellishments and leatherette interior. Iverson put in a strong performance in the sneakers, building on his MVP season with another goalscoring title, averaging 31.4 points per game.

#4: Reebok Answer IV “Finals” (originally unreleased)

In a stellar second season, Allen Iverson made his debut in the Reebok Answer I. Despite his small stature, the 22-year-old proved he was made for the league by playing and starting 80 games this season -the. The performance of answer 1 was crucial because it signaled the change from Hexalite damping to DMX damping.

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