Quoc Chelsea Boots Slip On Stylish Clipless Cycling Shoes For The City


Quoc’s new slip-on Chelsea Boot is a flexible clipless cycling shoe for riders looking for a smooth transition on and off the bike, from daily commute to casual riding. With a simple, durable leather upper, relatively snug elastic fit and ready-to-use sole, Quoc thinks the new Chelseas can work well for daily commutes, gravel walks and hikes, and even mountain biking. Mountain.

I’ve been wearing the new boots for a while, so check out my thoughts on how they fit into my regular outings…

QUOC Chelsea Boot clipless slip-on cycling shoes

Quoc Chelsea Boot, Casual Slip On Cycling Shoes, Jungle Mocs High Top Bike Shoes

Quoc says they designed the new Chelsea Boot as an easy-on-and-off SPD-compatible cycling shoe to cater to riders looking to balance comfortable style off the bike with automatic pedaling on the bike. They’re not meant to be too light or exceptionally stiff, but rather a happy medium that you can wear all day, whether you’re riding, zipping around town, or chilling out at camp.

Quoc Chelsea Boot, casual slip-on cycling shoes, waxed leather and suede

Wearing them to the office, I can’t help but think of the similar Merrell Jungle Mocs I’ve worn around town for years, calling them urban slippers. So I guess these are more high-end urban bike slippers…

Technical details

Quoc Chelsea Boot, Casual Slip On Cycling Shoes, High Top

The Quoc Chelsea Boot is made from natural leather in two finishes to combine a fit that adapts to your foot over time, while being water resistant and durable. The entire front of the shoe is finished in smooth waxed leather to keep the elements out, while the heel and virtual tongue are finished in softer suede. In between, two deep elasticated ankle cups let them open up enough to slip your foot inside, with two pink Quoc-brander finger loops to help pull the shoes in place.

Quoc Chelsea Boot, Casual Slip On Cycling Shoes, Reflective Back

Quoc calls the low-maintenance, easy-to-clean construction a mix of hard-wearing work boots and cycling shoes with a bit of homage to traditional British shoemaking style. The thick leather upper and sockliner are said to “mold to the foot over time” to provide lasting support and flexible comfort.

On the back, a series of 3M reflective dots add a little extra visibility.

Quoc Chelsea Boot, Casual Slip On Cycling Shoes, 934g, Size 43, Actual Weight

The shoes share the same reinforced midsole and eco-sole construction as Quoc’s Weekend casual trainers, made from cork-infused recycled rubber as an alternative to conventional EVA foam midsoles. The tread pattern is said to be inspired by gravel tires for traction on a wide range of surfaces.

The common feature is compatibility with SPD 2-position mountain bike cleats, but they also come with a tread insert for riders who stick to platform pedals.

Our size 43 pair weighs a total of 934g, or 467g per shoe.

First impressions

Quoc Chelsea Boot, Casual Slip On Cycling Shoes, Loose Fit Slip On

I’ve been a longtime fan of Quoc’s old Urbanite Mid lace-up commuter boots as versatile leather cycling shoes that I can clip on the commute to work, still wear comfortably all day, and don’t wear. don’t look like I’m wearing a bike. shoes. Now I’ve been commuting in the Chelsea Boot for a few weeks, and they’re starting to push me…literally.

The relatively small opening requires gripping both tabs properly to really force your foot into the shoe – it’s not exactly easy to get on. But at the same time, when put on, their fit at the top is not tight enough above my ankle. (You can even see a similar fit in Quoc’s PR photoshoot, above.)

On the bike this wasn’t a problem, but while walking around town at first I felt a bit of the dreaded heel lift. Quoc recommends wearing the shoes with a relatively supportive merino wool sock as the shoe softens and molds to your feet to prevent chafing during this initial break-in period. And I can say that it was mostly effective because the shoes feel more fitted a few weeks later.

Quoc Chelsea Boot, Casual Slip On Cycling Shoes, Low Profile Gravel Sole Cleats

The Chelsea sole lugs are not exceptionally high, but provide reliable grip on mixed terrain. That said, I don’t expect them to offer the best traction if you end up trail-riding in wet or muddy conditions – think low-profile gravel tread.

The boots recessed cleat is deep enough not to make much noise when walking on hard surfaces. Still, there’s ample clearance and nice tread blocks around the cleat that interface well with the small and wide platform crankset pedals I’ve tried. Plus, they still work well with platform pedals.

Overall, I haven’t given up on the already broken laces yet which provide a more precise fit across the forefoot and above the ankle, and a style that I think feels a little more traditional. . But I definitely see the appeal of the new Chelsea Slip-Fit boot, and plan to use them in the future for more casual gravel riding and maybe weekend riding.

Quoc Chelsea Boot – Prices, options and availability

Quoc Chelsea Boot, casual slip-on cycling shoes, black or brown leather

Quoc’s new Chelsea Boot can be pre-ordered from today for £180 / $250 / €220, with first deliveries starting just over two weeks from now, starting May 13. The Chelseas come in black or two-tone brown from the ones I’ve ridden.

Quoc Chelsea Boot, Casual Slip On Cycling Shoes, City Commuter

vs. Quoc for all the photos in town

As a brand new product, Quoc only offers the Chelsea Boot in a small (but big enough) the entire EU 41-47 range. But they say the next series of shoes will feature a wider size range, probably at least to match the range of their similarly-soled Weekend trainers that extend to a comparable 38 to accommodate smaller feet. .


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