Purple files patent suit against Diamond to protect gel grid mattress design



Purple Innovation is suing Diamond Mattress over the company’s Gel Grid line of mattresses, alleging patent infringement.

LOS ANGELES — Direct-to-consumer bedding brand Purple Innovation has filed a patent lawsuit against Diamond Mattress, alleging the company infringed on its iconic purple gel grid mattress design.

At the heart of the lawsuit is Diamond’s Gel Grid line of mattresses shown at the Las Vegas summer market in July. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Purple cites Patent No. 11,317,733 and supports its claim with its filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office in Virginia.

In July, Diamond introduced its two Gel Grid mattresses designed with cooling gel material created with an open-cell blue grid.

Purple burst onto the bedding scene in 2016 and earlier this year announced its acquisition of fellow gel mattress maker Intellibed.

In 1998, brothers Tony and Terry Pearce developed a stretchy gel-like material and licensed the patent for use in shoe and hospital bed insoles. In 2010, the duo branched out and began selling polymer seat cushions that would become the base material used in the Purple mattress. Prior to 2010, the Pearces had licensed the material to Intellibed for use in mattresses.

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