Puma launches shoes, tights made from recycled materials


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Diving Brief:

  • After releasing a biodegradable suede shoe earlier this year, Puma launches its Re:Collection line on Thursday with products made with between 20% and 100% recycled materials.
  • The collection includes running and training products like shoes and tights. The tights are made with “at least” 70% recycled materials, but have the same moisture-wicking properties as the brand’s drycell technology, according to the ad.
  • The collection will be available for the fall/winter 2022 season online and in stores. Puma aims to use 75% recycled polyester for all of its apparel and accessories by 2025.

Overview of the dive:

Puma is joining other retail companies, many of which are sports brands, to experiment with recycled materials.

Nike unveiled an eco-responsible material this month called Forward, which is 70% recycled content by weight. The brand launched the material with a gray hoodie and a crew neck. Fruit of the Loom also recently partnered with Recover, a recycled cotton company, to create limited edition unisex t-shirts with 20% recycled cotton fiber from Recover. Running shoes brand On launched a shoe created using carbon emissions as raw material last week. The shoe’s outsole was made from post-consumer plastic waste.

Retail is inherently harmful to the environment, especially since companies continue to grow at all costs. However, some research suggests that consumers want retailers to operate more sustainably. A September survey published by Descartes Systems Group found that more than half of consumers were interested in environmentally friendly delivery methodsand 54% were willing to wait longer if the delivery method was sustainable.

Sustainability is one of Puma’s strategic priorities, but the brand sketched seven more for this year in its Q2 2022 results: “brand heat”, adapt its products to its consumers, create more products for women, improve its distribution, streamline its organizational infrastructure, use basketball to reach more North American consumers and focus on local relevance.

In addition to launching the Re:Collection line, Puma earlier this year unveiled its biodegradable suede Re:Suede shoe and distributed pairs to brand ambassadors Cara Delevingne, Raphaël Varane and Kyle Kuzma. The company shared 500 pairs with other participants in Germany to test them for half a year before Puma collected them in an attempt to biodegrade them.

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