Popcorn shop owner shoots 16-year-old in the leg after she points a gun at him


A shop owner wasn’t the first to draw his gun, but he was the first to be shot, shooting a teenager in self-defense. And all because she was trying to steal popcorn.

Last Saturday, this vigilante shooting took place at the Northpark Mall in Ridgeland, MS. A 16-year-old girl was trying to steal popcorn from a mall store. The teenager pointed a gun at the store owner when confronted. But the store owner was also armed.

Although shooting from the chute is not recommended, the store owner pulled out his own firearm while pointing a gun at him and was the first to fire. It is not known if the suspect fired back at the store owner. You can hear about 12 or 13 shots in a video taken by a man who was in a nearby shoe store buying a pair of sneakers for his son.

The suspect was shot in the leg and taken to hospital for treatment for non-life-threatening injuries. She was later arrested and charged as an adult with aggravated assault with a weapon.

It’s crazy to think we have 16 year olds running around with guns and stealing popcorn, but that’s the time we live in. Luckily the store owner was armed and ready to defend himself. It was reported that he cooperated fully and would not be charged with any crime, as he should not be.

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