Phoenix police borrow mockingly neo-Nazi-designed attack from Charlottesville for ‘challenge coin’


A while ago, it appeared in the news that the Phoenix police were using a challenge coin as some kind of interdepartmental morale boost token. This, of course, isn’t news per se, but oh boy, the KIND of challenge coin they just used, and WHEN… yuck.

This challenge coin was issued to officers who worked the Trump Rally in Phoenix on August 22, 2017. A number of things happened at this event, but one of the biggest was that a police office of Phoenix, who is on the Brady list after choking. someone he arrested while they were handcuffed – deliberately targeted a protester with a “pepper ball” launcher and shot him directly in the groin. Initially, the report said the protester needed surgery to repair one of those testicles – whether or not that’s true, however, the Phoenix Police Department took a massive kick even from the thought this side.

“Good night left nut!” Ho ho ho, take that, lib! Amirites? And the overt connection to Donald Trump, that’s right, *chef’s kiss*.

And so they developed the “challenge coin” you see pictured above to “commemorate” that. Super cute. Well, aside from the fact, you know… it was based on a neo-Nazi-designed “room” (which I to refuse link here) featuring a Dodge Charger – the same car a neo-Nazi rammed into a crowd of locals defending my community – and the quote “Good Night Left Side”, celebrating the death of one and the injuries serious suffered by dozens Continued.

Many of you know that I was on duty in the Charlottesville emergency room for the events of the Unite the Right Nazi attack, but I never gave any details of what happened that day. This is both because I take my job and my HIPAA obligations very seriously, and because what happened to our community is something I refuse to exploit for anything. But following this news, I will share a story about that day.

After their tiki torch rally on the night of August 11, the Nazis let loose in the party were in fantastic mood. So it was the next morning that I had one as a patient in my emergency department. I had been called by our charge nurse – my wife! – because this patient was trying to sexually assault one of our nurses. They needed ongoing medical attention and couldn’t be released immediately, so they became my problem.

Now I’ve had my patience tested in the ER. I once had a trust funder who pressed the call bell every sixty seconds – they weren’t confused, they literally wanted to “remind us” how important they were. Another time, I had a family member break into the room of a pediatric patient we were resuscitating because his wife had to wait nearly an hour to see the doctor, and an hour was “too long”.

I’m not going to recount exactly what happened that made this incident different. It was partly because they invaded our community, seeking to hurt and intimidate our people at home. But there was more… and my patience eventually ran out.

“Listen here,” I growled, “if I have to call the Albemarle County Police Department-“

“WELL!” exclaimed the Nazi. “GOOD! Call ’em! A few less pigs means my bros can beat up those dudes and dudes downtown!”

It took everything I had to keep it together then; I pulled Deep. Hell, I had to go back to the “turning the other cheek” thing at the Methodist Sunday school I went to in the late 80s. But I held on. And this patient was able to leave our emergency department shortly before all hell broke loose. So when I tell you that any policeman who sheds light on all this, not Ten days after the events have actually unfolded, have to lose their jobs – understand that I am not just talking about common sense, but about personal experience.

Of course, no one lost their job. There was a big “oh, woe to me” from Phoenix police leadership, and promises of training, redirection, blah blah blah et cetera. The creator of the coin remains a “mystery”, which, I don’t know, I thought the job of the police was to investigate #$^&ing crimesbut I digress, since the whole thing was apparently a complete BS anyway because they just got caught happily including this whole incident in their most recent training at the Police Academy.

Which is why I’m so damn glad my friend Brandy Reese is showing up at the Arizona State House, because as a retired peace officer, she knows what public service means – and she’ll make sure nobody who thinks that what happened in my community is funny will remain a civil servant for a long time.

Brandy is a forensic scientist, peace officer, and education advocate from Gilbert, AZ.

I was able to catch up with her recently when I was in Phoenix enjoying spring training, where she had just finished the day having to escort people opposing bills being considered by the Arizona legislature, including including a few submitted by Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers.

“Yeah,” I told him, “I know finding my way around the legislature building in Richmond is sometimes difficult, too Byzantine, even! It’s nice of you to help them out here.

Brandy smiled sweetly at me. It wasn’t until later in our conversation that I realized I had been incredibly naive and that Brandy hadn’t escorted people around for directions…she was protect them. Apparently anyone who speaks out against bills, especially those that seek to make the next coup attempt a reality, runs a very serious and very real risk of having their health and life threatened.

Look, things are not awesome in Virginia, but we don’t usually (but not always) have to worry about people being threatened just for showing up to argue for or against a bill. But that’s the kind of person Brandy is. She fights shamelessly to make sure everyone can speak her mind safely…even if it means getting between them and danger.

Brandy is an incredible candidate, and we need to put her in the Arizona state legislature. She’s been on the pitch before, burning shoe leather and building the incredible field team that will carry her through November.

She deserves our support! So please participate today to help Brandy build the infrastructure she will need to cross the finish line on Election Day in November!

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