Philly student fundraiser to buy teacher shoes goes viral


These children did not come to play.

Courtesy of Tech Freire Charter High School

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Ninth-graders at Tech Freire Charter High School in North Philadelphia decided their world history teacher’s shoes were so ugly they had to buy him some new ones.

So they launched a GoFundMe. Titled ‘Mr Julian needs new shoes’, the page hits out at the namesake instructor, calling his shoes ‘hideous’ and noting that because he’s ‘broke’ he needs the help students.

Launched with a goal of $200, the fundraiser took off after being shared in a Facebook group and on Twitter. In one day, he raised more than 10 times the original goal – Saturday afternoon, $2,300 and more – from more than 175 donors.

The students who started the page are thrilled, said Christina, the 14-year-old who started it.

“We decided to create a GoFundMe page for April Fools,” she said, “and it exploded overnight. Now we can buy Mr. Julian at least three pairs of sneakers! »

It’s a long-standing problem in the classroom. “The joke started when me and my friends Mahogani, Michael, Suri, Nydirah and Sabria started making fun of his shoes,” Christina explained, “calling them boots and saying he should throw them away. trash can.”

They teased him so often that the whole class knew about it, she said. The group was still laughing as they headed into their next period, so science teacher Bailey Fulton (aka Mrs. Bailey) decided to encourage the fun.

“Once we were done with our work, we decided to have a little fun,” Fulton said, “and a handful of students and I helped create a message and put some pictures together.”

Proof that Perrin wears these
Courtesy of Tech Freire Charter High School

Julian’s full name is Julian Perrin, a 28-year-old with a master’s degree in education from Temple, Fulton said. He has been with Tech Freire for four years, moving from an internal position to joining the history department, his true passion.

And he’s really broke, according to a screenshot posted by a friend, who sent Perrin a note telling him he was famous on Twitter.

In the GoFundMe, the kids say the donations will be used to buy Mr Julian a pair of Nike Blazer 77s because it was the affordable choice, according to science teacher Fulton. Now they could afford a pair with a lot more bling – or could use the money for something else entirely.

The generosity and fun of Philadelphians is exciting for everyone involved, Fulton said, and exemplifies the school’s mission.

Launched in 2016 in a former Packard car showroom across from the Uptown Theater, the school is named after Paulo Freire, a Brazilian educator famous for advancing the theory that active participation is a much better way to teach. than rote memorization.

“We have a tight-knit community at Tech, and this story highlights the student-teacher relationship we’ve worked to develop,” Fulton said. “All the kids are so excited.”

Tech Freire Charter High School is in a former Packard car showroom on North Broad Street
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