‘Owning a pair of Michael Jordan shoes is like owning a lightsaber’: when rapper Nas explained the status symbol you gained as a kid by owning a pair of Jordans


Michael Jordan has one of the greatest lineups of basketball shoes of all time. In fact, Nas says owning a pair is like owning a lightsaber!

In 1984, Michael Jordan made history by signing the biggest shoe deal in shoe sales history. The GOAT made the interesting decision to sign with Nike.

At the time, MJ was the first major basketball player to sign with the company. Thankfully, Nike didn’t disappoint, giving Jordan their own signature sneaker, titled “Air Jordan.”

38 years later, the Air Jordan brand is now a separate entity but is still affiliated with Nike. The brand is so popular and successful that it is valued at nearly $3 billion in 2019!

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The Air Jordan brand is one of a kind and has become the epitome of the fashion industry when it comes to sneakers. So much so that it has become a common sight in celebrity fashion culture.

Owning a pair of shoes from the infamous Michael Jordan Air Jordan shoe line is like owning a lightsaber from Star Wars

For any fan of basketball or even fashion in general, a dream is to own a pair of Air Jordans. The sneaker brand is known for revolutionizing the game of basketball sneakers.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, everyone wanted a pair, even the big celebrities. In fact, many celebrities have described what it was like to have a pair.

Famous rapper Nas has one of the best analogies, saying having a pair was like owning a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise!

“For a kid, it was almost like holding a Star Wars lightsaber,” rapper Nas said on The Last Dance. You needed that shoe to be like him. “It was more than a status symbol. You knew this guy was the guy. They came in different styles, other brands didn’t change too much, (Air) Jordans changed over time.

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It is truly a dream for anyone to own a pair of Air Jordans. Even for a legendary rapper like Nas, it’s one of the most desirable things to have in the world.

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