Ooblets, there is a lot to be desired regarding the default character design; On the other hand, it’s not too much of a procedure


In Ooblets, creating a character is the first thing players will do. The customization options are among the least extensive of games that even offer customization. This seems like a major oversight for gaming, except for games using default characters.

Instead of being the main meal, it is more of an appetizer. In Ooblets there are some hairstyle and wardrobe possibilities, but not immediately. Many alternatives exist for people who want something other than ponytails or baldness.

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It just so happens that Bridgetown has a qualified barber! The person to see is Padrig, who has a business on the right side called Snips. The rotating scissors above the entrance are easy to ignore. Due to Padrig’s propensity to wander, he will run, complete a job, and return if he is not around.

If the options he has now are insufficient, gather several wishes from the farm and go to the Wishywell – the large fountain – in the center of town. By increasing the store, players can open additional alternatives at Snips. The ability to customize her hairstyle and facial hair will finally be available to players in a variety of ways.

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The Kibbonbon store is located to the left of the fountain, where you can buy additional clothes. Above the door is the waving cat logo. However, this is not the only option to acquire more dress. Residents of the nearby town and villages frequently grant the character extra copies of their clothes in exchange for helping or defeating them at a dance.

Outside of cutscenes and dance-offs, changing outfits is significantly less complicated and possible anytime, anywhere. Just click on the “Clothes” button in “Tips!” Almanac tab when it was opened. Players can choose from a wide variety of clothing, shoes, pants, and other items from now on.

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