On Labs Flagship Store Zurich: Opening Information


Physical stores have really had to up their game over the past few years. Both due to the boom in online shopping, the pandemic and the fact that shopping in real life is actually quite boring, one by one the traditional brick and mortar stores have been replaced by experiences trendier, more interactive and immersive shopping experiences.

And that’s what On’s very first flagship store is: an experience. Opening the doors to its 350 square meter location last week, On Labs, as it is nicknamed, is located under its Zurich-based headquarters.

The space, which features a myriad of immersive elements that have been designed to deliver a “truly personalized shopping experience”, showcases On’s arsenal of styles stored in concealed “Magic Wall” shelves that have been attractively arranged based on performance attributes.

Most impressively, On’s hidden gait cycle analysis technology is on hand to help you find the best shoes to fit your particular movement style, as it compares key features with a baseline of data from over 52,000 runs, while a foot scanner details your shoe size to within 1.25mm of perfection.

Footwear isn’t the only thing on the menu, as On’s ever-expanding line of clothing is also on offer. Designed for running, outdoor activities and everyday life, the garments are presented under changing LED lights, designed to evoke natural environments.

The opening marks the continuation of a busy 2022 for On, following the recent launch of its Cloudmonster and Cloudtrax silhouettes, as well as its high profile collaboration with Spanish fashion house LOEWE.

At Labs Flagship Store, Hardturmstrasse 183, CH-8005, Zürich.

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