OJ Simpson rings in the 2022 NFL season with wild shoes at SoFi Stadium


The Juice is loose in Los Angeles. As the 2022 NFL season kicked off Thursday night, the best — and most controversial — running back in Bills history, OJ Simpson, was in attendance.

From a suite somewhere inside SoFi Stadium, Simpson made his allegiance clear for the first game of the year. He, to absolutely no one’s surprise, was encouraging Buffalo to beat the Los Angeles Rams.

In typical Olympics fashion, the 75-year-old began his Twitter post with his standard greeting:


OJ Simpson was a legend on the court for the Bills (Photo by Ross Lewis/Getty Images).

Simpson then unleashed a very devilish belly laugh and expressed his excitement for the amazing Thursday night football game. Before signing off with a “God bless you,” he shouted Bills Mafia and gave a hearty “go Bills” with a peace sign and a thumbs up.

The post itself was incredibly on-brand for the former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL MVP. Simpson never fails to deliver goofy videos.

That being said, no matter what you think of Juice, you have to appreciate his drip. Simpson arrived at SoFi Stadium with a gold Rolex on his wrist, a retro Buffalo hat on his noggin, and wild custom shoes on his feet.

Before the video goes to his face, it opens with his seemingly hand-painted kicks.

The toes are painted with Simpson’s No. 32 jersey with a Bills logo on the side and the laces are highlighted with tiny soccer balls. They are wild, but you can’t hate. They are quite fresh.

Take a look at OJ Simpson’s 2022 NFL season opener video from SoFi Stadium:

Everything about OJ Simpson’s video is exactly what you might expect from him. It’s as uncomfortable as it is funny and joyful, and he’s trying so, so hard to be sympathetic.

Regardless of the opinion of the man himself, you just can’t beat the shoes.

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