Nike ZoomX Streakfly 5K 10K Running Shoes


If you’re an avid runner, models like Nike’s VaporFly NEXT% and AlphaFly Next% are probably on your radar. Designed for long-distance running, but suited for everyday training, these two silhouettes have come out on top against the competition in the rather fierce and fast-paced running shoe industry. For more casual runners looking to take their daily running workouts more seriously in 2022, the ZoomX StreakFly serves a very unique but much-needed purpose as it’s designed specifically for shorter distances. And although a 5K and 10K is not an easy task for beginners, it is often used as a reference to progress, so what better than a shoe designed for this purpose?

The difference between the StreakFly and the aforementioned VaporFly and AlphaFly is the plate built into the ZoomX foam. The right amount of stiffness was achieved with a shorter Pebax plate in the midfoot, allowing for more ZoomX cushioning underfoot. According to Elliott Heath, Nike Running Footwear Product Manager, the lack of a full-length plate gives more ground feel in the toe and heel area, allowing for “more control and a bit more aggressive feel.” The upper consists of a lightweight engineered mesh, keeping the shoe incredibly light at 185g for a Men’s 10 and 155g for a Women’s 8. The offset is 6mm for both men and women. The contoured heel counter is a constant feature of all Nike Running shoes.

The ‘Prototype’ launch colorway brings a straightforward approach to consumers, quickly detailing its close-range goal with the 5K/10K kick on the heel and a wear test number scrawled on the medial side of the sole. Priced at $160, the Nike ZoomX StreakFly will release in February, with more colorways likely arriving later in the year.

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