Nike Sneakers Dupe Tom Sachs’ General Purpose Shoes Colorway


Missed Tom Sachs’ versatile shoe? Join the club. Fortunately, Nike restocks them in just a few weeks, but until then, what’s a sneakerhead to do? Well, if you want to play on a budget (a bit), the Swoosh has you covered.

The obvious point of reference for Sachs’ scorching Nikes is Nike’s own Killshot & Killshot 2 sneakers, each a timeless ultra-normal classic.

A cornerstone of conventional menswear for much of the decade, Nike Killshot shoes were as accessible as sneakers.

Low-top, gum-soled lace-ups are the basic definition, but they’re one of the most popular men’s trainers in Nike’s entire stable – not only are they nearly sold out, they were one of the more sought after. Nikes on the planet last year.

Ironic, then, that one of Nike’s most “boring” shoes was the source of Sachs’ intentionally bland trainers – all it really did was reinforce the sole and swap the materials of the rod. Ta-da.

So the Killshots aren’t much easier to find than the general purpose Nikes from Sachs, but there are still more alternatives.

Consider the Nike SB Force 58 sneakers, for example, yours for the low price of $74.95.

Do the shoes lack the satisfying lug sole of the general purpose shoe? Sure. But they definitely have a little more meat than the Killshot or Killshot 2, which is a win in my book, and the colorway isn’t too far off.

Beggars can’t choose, can they?

Apparently more colorways and a restock of Sachs’ general-purpose shoe are slated for August, but goodness knows how hard those will be to get, especially considering how quickly the initial drop has gone. digital shelves.

At least Nike has options to scratch that itch if you can’t get your fix of the real deal while Sachs and Nike devise the best way to bring the general purpose shoe to people.

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