Nike collaborates with Ant Group to recycle shoes


Nike has joined Ant Group’s Green Energy Initiative and launched an official Alipay program to encourage more consumers to recycle used shoes.

Chinese consumers can search for the “Recycle-A-Shoe” mini program in the Alipay app, the leading open digital platform, to collect their used Nike shoes for recycling.

Nike Grind technology will then be used to disassemble the shoes and reprocess them to create durable sports fields. Customers will thus get virtual green energy points in Alipay Ant Forest, a mini green program. Projects such as tree planting, ecological restoration or biodiversity conservation can benefit from these green energy points.

According to Stanley Chang, vice president of operations and logistics of Nike Greater China, the cooperation with Ant Group enables Nike to reach more consumers for its Recycle-A-Shoe program through digital solutions on the Alipay platform and integrate Nike’s sustainability efforts into everyday life. .

Nike’s “Recycle-A-Shoe” campaign has been going on for 30 years. More than 120 million pounds of shoe production waste and more than 30 million pairs of worn-out shoes have been recycled to create cutting-edge sports products like basketball courts, soccer fields, jogging tracks, yoga equipment and home decor.

Brands that want to further incentivize their customers to act sustainably are invited to participate in Ant Group’s Green Energy Initiative, which includes Green Energy Points in Alipay’s Ant Forest. As of August 2022, more than 500 brands from various industries, such as travel, packaging, and appliance manufacturing, have joined the project.

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