New shoes donated to children in need as part of the second annual community campaign


Mallory Kristjanson is the event coordinator for Shoes for Kids YQL.

She said “the goal this year is to reach at least 700 children with brand new shoes, not only staying in the Lethbridge community, but also in our surrounding Indigenous communities as well as rural communities.”

The final tally of shoes collected was not yet available when Kristjanson spoke with LNN, but she said turnout on Saturday morning was very steady.

“We had several people who not only donated cash but also new shoes,” she said on the spot.

“We had a vehicle parked with about, I would say, 32 pairs of new shoes today. We are extremely fortunate to see the support from the community, but also from our first responders who are here to serve with us today. .

Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh said it was a career highlight to attend positive community events like the Saturday morning walk.

“In this case, we are obviously doing something good for the children in the community and from my point of view, any investment, any initiative in our children is an investment in the country and this city as a whole, so we are very happy to be part of this and I look forward to continuing to engage in other initiatives like this,” Chief Mehdizadeh told LNN.

Dana Chief Body, Inspector of Operations for the Blood Tribe Police Department, said Saturday marked her first participation in the Shoes for Kids YQL donation campaign.

He said: “Coming to events like this in a positive atmosphere is very good.”

“[It’s] great to see the community, just in a different way from the daily calls and stuff like that.

Chief Body added that it was fun to touch base and interact with partner agencies.

Irwin McAdam of the Piikani Nation RCMP echoed Chief Body’s sentiments, calling his participation in the event “awesome”.

“I go back to when I was a kid, I had parents who could afford new shoes, but I remember the five times I’ve had them in about 10 years, that when I got those shoes, man, did I feel on top of the world,” McAdam told LNN.

He added: “You know what I mean? You have confidence, you look great, you feel great and to be able to share that with underprivileged kids who can’t get shoes like that and we can bring that to them is huge, and I think every kid should deserve to feel that .

Lethbridge Mayor Blaine Hyggen was also present at the Saturday morning donation event. He said: “Seeing everyone together and working for this cause has been just amazing.”

Hyggen remarked, “There’s so much negative stuff out there, so to see those positive things happen and for the second year, and the work that’s been done, and it’s getting bigger and bigger and will continue to to advance. As mentioned earlier, new shoes for kids are one of the best things when they come to school, and they wear their new shoes.

The mayor added that it is encouraging to see so many groups coming together for a cause like this.

Hyggen said, “It’s very humbling and just a great opportunity to have everyone here together for this great cause.”

The collection took place from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Fortunately, Kristjanson said those who weren’t able to attend but still want to help can do so as the team will continue to accept donations after the collection.

Those interested in donating to the cause can contact the campaign’s Facebook page or email [email protected] Kristjanson said donations will be accepted year-round. Additionally, through a new partnership with Lethbridge Family Services, Shoes for Kids YQL will support families of newcomers to Lethbridge, as well as the Angel Tree program.

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