New ‘Halloween’ Shoes Feature Michael Myers Design


the Halloween the film franchise will get another installment later this year, aptly titled Halloween ends. The new movie is meant to put an end to David Gordon Green Halloween sequels, which may or may not include the end of Michael Myers. In the meantime, however, it looks like fans will be able to support one of their favorite slasher icons with a brand new pair of Halloween– inspired shoes.

There are actually two pairs of Halloween shoes now available to order, one of which is available in a low top style and the other in a high top style. Each pair has its own respective design based on the iconic slasher villain. This includes various colors, phrases and patterns.

Here is the description of the low shoes:

“These shoes combine Michael Myers with a classic low top style. The shoes come with a printed image of Michael Myers on the side, complete with blood splatters and a knife for deadly effect. The shoe also has white accents near the eyelets and along the back strap for color contrast.Finally, the tongue has the quote “You can’t kill the Boogeyman” for an added creep factor.You can wear it to get in the Halloween mood , or just a bit of horror movie style in your everyday outfit!




As for high shoes:

“These Michael Myers Halloween shoes combine the sneaky, unstoppable style of the dastardly Halloween villain, with a simple design that’s comfortable enough for everyday wear. The shoes have an allover print of Michael wielding a knife. The laces and accents orange add a unique Halloween pop of color and the back of the shoes even has “Halloween” along the back strap Put it all together and you have a style that can’t be stopped, just like Michael Myers himself !

With the aforementioned film Halloween ends coming later this year, either pair of shoes would be great to wear. After all, what better way to show your support for a beloved horror icon than with shoes that reflect her?

Both shoes can currently be ordered from

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