New ‘Games Under $20’ promotion hits PlayStation Store


Get them while they’re cheap!

Look, at the end of the day, we’re not made of money (or at least some of us aren’t) and that means when it comes to video games, we often have to choose how much we can buy at the same time. With more AAA titles ranging from $50 to $70, this can eat up a fun budget very quickly. Most gamers tend to look for sales at physical stores or places like Amazon, but the PlayStation Store can also offer some serious deals. A new “Games Under $20” event has just started, and it’s not one sale to miss.

The promotion is live right now and will run until the 31stst. The list of games, DLC, and special content packs is so huge it would fill this article, so instead we’re going to list a few games we think you should check out. Be sure to check out the full list yourself to see if anything else comes to mind.

First, we have Alan Wake Remastered. It’s a classic title in the minds of many due to its use of story, game mechanics, and horror. Players step into the shoes of Alan Wake as he tries to find his lost wife after she goes missing on vacation. As you pass through the nearby town, you find pages from a book you’ve written, and the darkness of the town tries to grab you. The game is in its best shape now, and with a sequel on the way, you’ll want to play this version before it releases.

If you want a little more bang for your buck, how about Bioshock: the collection? With this title under $20, you’ll be able to play three games in one go, two of which are major titles in gaming history. The franchise as a whole was highly respected upon release, and at when Bioshock Infinite came out, they made it clear that they know how to make great games. So if you’ve never had the chance to play them before, here’s your chance.

Our final recommendation is Star Wars Jedi Deluxe Edition. This title shocked more than one with its deep and difficult approach to the universe of star wars by telling a new story with new characters while having connections to the movies. The game is lauded and is also one that will get a sequel soon enough.

There are TONS of other games you should check out on this PlayStation Store list. So check for yourself and play!

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