Move like crazy with the Curry Flow 9 basketball shoes from Under Armor


Get full control of your stop and go speed plus the freedom to move with the Curry Flow 9 basketball shoes from Under Armour. This pair is completely rubber free, so it’s extremely light on the feet at just 12 ounces. Plus, it looks super cool and stylish, you just wouldn’t want to wear it on the pitch.

This durable pair features the brand’s Flow cushioning technology for total comfort with every movement. Each step is super light and bouncy and also provides great traction. There is no slippage and every step has its purpose.

Speaking of comfort, the Curry Flow 9 basketball shoes from Under Armor feature WARP shank technology for enhanced comfort and control throughout dynamic movement, on and off the court. They work like mini seat belts that comfortably secure your feet, locking them in so there are no limits to your movements.

In addition, they are equipped with the UA Flow outsole for better control of your movements. You can cut and stop/start faster than ever and not lose contact with the ground. Pair it with a TPE blend insole with a lower compression package for great energy return with every move.

The unisex Under Armor Curry Flow 9 basketball shoes also feature a breathable mesh tongue and pull tabs for easy on and off and a molded collar integrated into the upper for comfort. They deliver unreal grip and comfort so you can move quickly with ease and confidence, so you can cut, drive and shoot with confidence. Plus, they come in an attractive colorway that you wouldn’t mind scrolling through whether you’re a Stephen Curry fan or not.

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Images courtesy of Under Armor

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