Mom Sonya Curry Reveals Why ‘Goodie Two Shoes’ Stephen Curry Didn’t Hang Out With His Teammates: ‘That Negativity Came A Bit From Me’


Today, Stephen Curry is one of the most popular athletes on the planet. The Golden State Warriors All-Star is one of the main reasons basketball has become a shooting contest. Plus, he’s a beloved figure in the Bay. He has remained with the team since entering the league and led them to four NBA championships.

However, during his younger years as a high school student, Curry’s teammates weren’t the best towards him. And part of the reason was that he was the son of NBA player Dell Curry. During a podcast, his mother, Sonya, explained that Steph does not want to be with his AAU teammates after the tournaments.

Both Sonya and Dell were at Virginia Tech. While Dell played basketball, Sonya was a volleyball athlete. Fast forward to 1988, they got married and had their first son, Steph. Widely considered the greatest shooter in basketball history, the Baby Face Assassin didn’t start well at all.


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June 2, 2022; San Francisco, California, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) warms up before Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics at Chase Center. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson – USA TODAY Sports

Having a dad play in the NBA gave him a tough time in high school. There came a time when Steph didn’t want to play AAU anymore. The behavior of his teammates did not suit him. And Sonya detailed her experience dealing with Curry at the time.

Stephen Curry didn’t have the best teammates in high school

Growing up on the NBA court as a young child, Curry immediately took a liking to the sport. He worked tirelessly on his craft in hopes of following in his father’s footsteps in the NBA. Although he gained first-hand experience, there was also a downside. Being the son of an NBA star put immense pressure on Steph in high school. Being the son of two top athletes, he was meant to be the cool kid. However, that was not the case for him.


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Steph’s AAU teammates gave him a hard time. He was ridiculed for being an innocent child. And his mother explained why he didn’t want to be around his teammates.

Sonya said: “We went to a tournament and didn’t want to stick around. We were like, ‘No, go hang out with your teammates. He would come back and say, ‘No, I want to stay here’. And we knew some of the decisions these guys were making and stuff like that. He just didn’t vibrate with it. And he got a little ridiculed for that, being a two-shoe candy and that sort of thing.

She went on to say, “At first I was like, ‘No, go be with your teammates, build a community, you have to be around them’. And a bit of me saying, ‘Stephen, they already think you’re different because you are our child.’ This negativity came a little bit from me.

At a time when Curry was uncomfortable, Dell came to his rescue. He explained to Sonya not to force him to be around people he doesn’t want. However, the tough times only made Curry a stronger person. Although he didn’t have the best game in the AAU, his college coach saw a spark. Stephen Curry became one of the greatest players in Davidson College history, leading them to a 78-23 record. Moreover, it made him one of the most mentally strong players in the country.

The Baby Face Assassin was born because of all the doubts


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Most would run away after what Curry had to go through in his youth. However, he did not give up on his dream. After years of struggles, Curry found his luck in the NBA. And he undoubtedly eclipsed what his father did by a mile. He quickly became a record breaking machine in the NBA.

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Now Stephen Curry is the all-time leading three-point scorer in NBA history. Additionally, he is a two-time MVP, four-time champion, and a one-time Finals MVP. Millions of people around the world adore Curry and his Golden State Warriors teammates have immense respect for him. And his journey is far from over.


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June 16, 2022; Boston, MA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) celebrates after the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals to win the NBA Championship at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Do you think Stephen Curry would be the player he is without the critics? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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