M&M’s new green design is the worst thing that’s ever happened, apparently


We never really know what we’re going to end up writing about on any given day here at Creative Bloq. Every morning we pour a coffee, log on and take a look at what in the world of art and design the internet is talking about. Could we guess that today’s fierce talk would be about the reverse sexualization of the shoes worn by an anthropomorphized candy green chocolate? We could not.

Anyway, Mars Wrigley has revealed that his M&M characters have been revamped to be “more inclusive”, with all six receiving changes to their appearance and personality. But there’s one particular aspect of the character design update that’s caused the internet to collectively go viral. M&M’s green shoes.

M&M character design

(Image credit: Mars Wrigley)

Gone are the signature green M&M’s high-heeled boots, along with her lip gloss and long eyelashes. The shoes have been replaced with what one Twitter user calls “old-maiden, 40-50-year-old aunt sneakers” in a process many are calling “reverse yassification” (any idea what we’re talking about? Read about yassification at your own risk). In short, green M&Ms have been desexualized, and people don’t care.

Green M&M character design

People are really, really mad about it (Image credit: Mars Wrigley/Future Owns)

In a press release, Mars Wrigley says the update (which also includes the orange M&M being open about his anxiety) is designed to be “more inclusive, welcoming and unifying” in a “more dynamic and progressive world”. But as was the case with Space Jam’s new Lola Bunny design, many believe the “erasure” of a sex-positive icon is anything but gradual.

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Indeed, Friday, January 21, 2022 will forever be remembered as the day the entire internet could only talk about green M&M’s boots. When words like “despicable”, “woke” and “yass-denied” were thrown around, and titles like Let the Green M&M Be a Nasty Little Slut were released.

Yet just weeks into 2022, this is by no means the first rebranding to rock the internet – just yesterday Coca-Cola unveiled its disastrous new packaging design. But we have a feeling that come December, Green M&M-gate will be remembered as one of the most furious debates of the year.

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