Mirka Laura Severa constructs twisted realities through set design and photography


Sweet dreams is a recent example of Mirka’s updated production. It’s a project that compiles cut pieces of cake and mattresses, revealing their “visual and psychological similarity,” she explains. Presented in a minimal grid-like form, each panel depicts a slice of something delicious-looking – although you won’t know if it’s a cake or a mattress. “Eating and sleeping are essential in our life, we need them to survive,” continues Mirka. “But if we overdo it, too much sleep and food is unhealthy. I like the simplicity of the photography towards the surprising revelation of the concept.

In Shoes, Mirka has created an ongoing video project of (you guessed it) shoes worn in public spaces. With a cropped frame, movies reveal only the bottom half of subjects; it’s engaging, anonymous, and about to get a little weird. “The project is documentary, but the way it’s shot gives the impression that it’s staged,” she says. “Therefore, my decor created and built a world.” She also played around with the original sound and vocals from the footage to add to the layers, with additional sounds from musician Steve Mensink. Bags, on the other hand, a project made with faux fur and leather bags by Nina Ricci. Another props project, this time she built custom terrariums based on YouTube DIY videos you get online. “The terrarium world can also be read as a ‘consumer world’ – real, but is it real?”

This question forms the backbone of everything Mirka thinks about; it ultimately gives objects, people and ideas another meaning. “I hope to introduce the viewer to a new perspective,” she concludes. “A kind of twisted reality where nothing is new or different.”

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