Minimalist wall mounted shoe rack helps organize shoes while decluttering your space


If you don’t have room for a shoe rack and cringe at the thought of just leaving your messy shoes inside or outside your home, Avril has got you sorted. No, not the Canadian rock singer, the wall mounted shoe rack. Designed to elevate your space by elevating your shoes, the Avril Shoe Rack by Ylisse sits on your wall, providing a nice angled shelf to store your shoes when not in use. Unlike conventional racks with horizontal shelves, Avril’s angled design sits closer to the wall and takes up less real estate, making it perfect for smaller homes, homes with narrow entryways, and even bedrooms. hotel. Plus, shoes are easy to access at all times, giving Avril the edge over your floor shoe rack that requires you to bend over to find your shoes!

Designer: Hubert Therrien

Click here to buy now: $153. Exclusively for YD readers.

“We bought a house, and despite the space we were gaining, the entrance hall was still full of shoes,” says Avril’s designer, Hubert Therrien. “Jogging shoes, walking shoes, work shoes…they all cluttered the doorway and piled up very quickly.” The idea of ​​coming home to a living room or a doorway cluttered with stacks of shoes didn’t sit well with Therrien (and why should he?!), so he designed the Avril as a model much more elegant, space-saving, minimalist and easy to use. – maintain the alternative.

Simply put, the Avril is a powder coated sheet metal bracket that mounts to any wall. Designed at a precise angle, the rack protrudes only 5.1 inches from the wall, yet can hold at least 3 pairs of shoes per shelf. The assembly is rather easy, and the maintenance of the rack is simple too. Simply place your shoes in the stand’s slanted shelf when you need to store them…and if the shelf gets dirty over time (and it probably will), simply unhook it from the wall and wipe it down or rinse it under a garden hose before drying it and reassembling it!

The Avril shoe rack is available in textured black or matte white finishes, and is built to last for years!

Click here to buy now: $153. Exclusively for YD readers.

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