Men’s sports shoes: take care of your feet with affordable shoes, the best choices


Running, jogging or working out in the gym is fast becoming a must-do activity for the health conscious. Keeping aside the marketing blitzkrieg with superstars promoting fancy ideas for staying in shape, more and more people are adopting regular and achievable exercise programs to combat lifestyle ailments such as stress, weight loss. hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Not everyone wants a ripped body and abs. But more and more people want to stay fit enough so they don’t have belly fat and fight issues like back pain and knee pain, to name a few.

If any of these aspirations match your aspirations, sophisticated gym memberships and hard-to-follow eating habits can be problematic. Instead, investing in a decent pair of shoes with a decent price would be the answer. Wear them and go for that brisk walk or your early morning jog. Hit your neighborhood gym and, under the watchful eye of your trainer, engage in a series of gentle exercises that gradually work their magic.

If you are considering investing in shoes, we have curated a shoe list from Amazon which are bestsellers on the website as well. Looked.

1) Asian Men’s Wonder-13 Sports Running Shoes


The shoes from this brand are currently a favorite on Amazon. The shoes are available in a number of colors, including gray, white, green, red, black, turquoise, red-red, and red-gold. Sizes vary from UK 6 and go up to UK 12. There is also an additional size (number 7) listed on Amazon. The sole of this shoe is made of ethylene vinyl acetate and its closure style is lace up. Its upper material is mesh which means air can pass through. The price varies depending on the size.

Price: ??399.00 – ??750.00

2) Asian Men’s Future-01 Running Shoes


Another product of the same brand is popular on the e-commerce platform. This pair of shoes is available in three different color combinations – white, gray and white-blue. Sizes vary from UK 6 and go up to UK 12. Its sole is polyvinyl chloride and it has laces to put on and close the pair. These shoes are rather light and easy to maintain. The price varies depending on the size for this pair.

Price: ??399.00 – ??999.00

3) Asian Men’s Cosko Running, Walking, Gym and Training Shoes


This pair of sports shoes comes in six different colors, namely brown, navy, black, multi, turquoise and white. The pair is of the lace-up type and its sole is made of a material called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. It has a waterproof synthetic shoe upper which is easily washable. It can be used all year round, in all seasons including the rainy season. Although these shoes are best suited for running, you can also use them for gym training, outdoor running, morning walking, basketball, badminton, trekking, hiking hip hop dance, party wear, dancing, volleyball, hiking, athletic sports, cycling, hockey, driving, jogging, kabaddi, kabbadi, marathon, cycling, training, skating, pt ???, office, futsal, golf, leisure and tennis matches.

Price: ??449.00 – ??799.00

4) Sparx Men’s Running Shoes


This pair of shoes comes with a thermoplastic elastomer sole. Its upper layer is mesh which makes it breathable. Although these are running shoes, they can also be worn on casual outings.

Price: ??657.00 – ??1,499.00

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