Manitowoc County Men’s Shelter accepts shoe donations


April 4, 2022 | 4:00 p.m.

Jason Lee, Local News

Many households have a few pairs of shoes ordered online that don’t quite fit. Some people have dress shoes that wear out a lot less these days because of working remotely. Others have bought shoes to play basketball, but only worn them a few times before realizing that basketball is much harder at 50 than at 15.

For anyone who has lightly worn, used, or even new shoes they’re willing to donate, The Haven of Manitowoc County is hosting a shoe fundraiser through May 30.

The plan is to collect pairs of shoes to be sent to third world countries while raising funds for The Heaven at the same time.

Pairs of shoes can be tied or tied together and dropped off at The Haven, located at 1003 Marshall St. in Manitowoc. Other drop off locations are First Lutheran Church of Manitowoc and Tanya Finch State Farm Insurance of Valders.

The Haven’s goal is to fill 100 bags each containing 25 pairs of shoes.

The shoes will be sent to Funds2Orgs, a group that will pay for the shoes based on the total weight of the shoes collected. The shoes will go to developing countries in need, while the money earned will be used to fund The Haven shelter.

A program consisting of case management, resource referrals and life skills groups is used by The Haven to house homeless men for up to 90 days while providing them with the opportunity to regain their independence and self-sufficiency.

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