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Wired Productions and indie developer Pathos Interactive unveiled their new management game, Hotel Architect, at the upcoming games trade show at Gamescom. The game will allow you to design, build and manage a series of hotels in the greatest order to become a global empire with all the best locations in the world. But this is not an easy task, since different locations have to serve different customers. There’s no release date yet, but we’re guessing 2023 is the plan for now. Enjoy the trailer, until then!

Credit: Wired Productions

Hotel Architect invites you to put yourself in the shoes of a hotel entrepreneur. Start with a comical journey that will take you to a fascinating place and challenge you to overcome unexpected obstacles. Combine your entrepreneurial passion with creating luxurious multi-storey hotels around the world. You must maintain control of your hands and continue to adapt to new experiences created by the increasingly insane demands of your most extravagant guests. Turn vacant land into a profitable and lively hotel! Guests start using excellent architecture and management techniques to get into your hotel quickly. Build your hotel from scratch! Design the design and hire contractors to lay the foundation and build multiple floors of different structures. You can then decide, freely, which activities should be carried out in which part of your establishment. Install equipment, place decorations and choose between different wallpapers and floor plans.

The architect of the hotel works in different places in the world and a place with different people is unique. Understand your customers better than themselves! This is the key to success here. By adjusting the types of services available, you can easily integrate into any environment. Certain actions must be carried out in collaboration with the 3 advisers. Your advisers are your loyal servants, but they become unavailable after an outburst because they are too bad at giving those with harmful influence on their part to defeat their risky demands. Asking for illegal actions can hinder their ability to do their job and cost them their freedom.

  • The accountant can apply for loans and advise you on how to lower your credit score by applying financial reports. It was used correctly, and that is why he did not encourage the banks to do their thing.
  • Manager: Manager helps you adopt new policies that improve your hotel’s service. He is able to do business and find new sources of income.
  • The attorney had his back covered and won a big battle at the slightest amount of allegations against you. You can lend them favors if they don’t go down a risky path. It also helps you negotiate grants with your local politician friends.

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