Man changes fate of homeless man after giving him his shoes and walking away barefoot


The beautiful gesture of a stranger towards a man living in the street has been around and has moved several Internet users on social networks. The stranger left barefoot after giving his shoes to the homeless man.

A random jogger in New York City was the protagonist of a Twitter video that went viral in 2019 after a gesture of solidarity with a homeless man in the World Trade Center neighborhood in Lower Manhattan.

Homeless Joe Arroyo spoke exclusively of the kind gesture he received. In his statement, Arroyo said he was sitting in the World Trade Center area with a sign saying he was homeless and hungry.

Additionally, the homeless man said his shoes were worn out, and he took them off and put them aside, hoping that a generous person would help him financially to get a new pair.

Arroyo’s hope turned into reality when the stranger approached him and noticed holes in his shoes. The jogger said he was generously blessed by God and also wanted to bless the homeless.

He immediately took off his pair of shoes, handed them to Arroyo, and walked away barefoot. A puzzled passer-by captured the upsetting incident and share on his Twitter page.

To the stranger, a pair of sneakers looked like nothing, but to Arroyo it meant the world to him. He had lived on the streets for several years and admitted to having experienced his fair share of struggles.

However, in an interview with ABC, the homeless man made it known that despite his troubles, he would do his best to get his life back on track. Arroyo said:

“If you give me a chance, I’ll be the best worker you have, and I’m working overtime.”

To the altruistic stranger, Arroyo showed gratitude. He said he wanted to hug him, but a homeless man hugging someone would look abnormal.

Shortly after the video went viral, restaurant owner Andrew Zurica offered Arroyo a job at one of his branches. The entrepreneur who lived an equally difficult life changed Arroyo’s fate for good. The once homeless man was grateful for another chance at success.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a random person has given shoes to a homeless person. In another viral video, Atlanta police officer Sherreta Thomas gave a pair of sneakers to a homeless man.

Thomas, who used to help the homeless, said her selfless acts stemmed from her experiences while serving in the police force and as a prison officer.

According to the policeman, she saw the price of poverty and decided to be kind. Thomas helped the poor not for attention, but she did it out of love, sacrifice, and kindness.

Hopefully her story will inspire many who can afford to help the homeless. It’s important to note that not all superheroes wear capes.

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