Lubbock school coach collects shoes for 7th grade team



A Lubbock-area school coach asks the community for help so he can give back to his student-athletes. OL Slaton Middle School basketball coach Jaime Martinez realized while coaching the line boys during football that most of his athletes were wearing worn-out shoes. This realization sparked an idea within Coach Martinez when he decided he wanted to buy some lightly worn shoes for his basketball players this season.

KAMC News reported that Coach Martinez reported his idea on Facebook on October 31 where he could ask friends in the local community for lightly worn shoes, or even new unused shoes, for his 7th grade basketball players. Instead of just receiving a few likes and comments, Coach Martinez received messages about people wanting to buy his players new shoes instead of lightly worn ones.

On the opening day of the OL Slaton College season, November 10, Coach Martinez had already received and distributed 15 pairs of shoes for his players to wear during their match against Frenship College. Coach Martinez still needs a few extra pairs of shoes for the rest of his squad so they can look and feel good on and off the pitch. Anyone interested in donating shoes or helping out in any way can email coach Jaime Martinez, [email protected], for more information.

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