Long lines as ‘Supreme’ opens its first store in Chicago



It’s considered the juggernaut of street fashion, and now “Supreme” has called Chicago home.

The popular New York-based streetwear brand opened a store in Wicker Park on Thursday.

Supreme attracts hundreds of young people from around the world, with some telling FOX 32 Chicago they lined up Friday for at least two hours.

Supreme combines streetwear and high fashion. Other sites are in Japan, Milan, London and Paris.


For Wicker Park, this is definitely a boost for economic growth. One group said they traveled from New York for the inauguration to Chicago to spend thousands of dollars.

“My sons are kind of into it. And there are kids going all over the country, picking up t-shirts and shoes,” one dad said.

“Their quality is very thick. Good quality, I love their designs,” someone said online.

Beyond the brand, it’s an iconic Wicker Park story. A neighborhood business owner said she was just happy to see more young people coming to the neighborhood.

The new store is located at 1438 North Milwaukee Avenue.

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