‘Kobe Bryant got me a pair of shoes and I wore them even though they were too small’: LeBron James takes on Carmelo Anthony in high school wearing Lakers legend’s shoes


LeBron James opened up about how he clashed with Carmelo Anthony in high school while wearing shoes Kobe Bryant gave him.

Kobe Bryant had already become a household name long before he turned 22n/a birthday. After winning a championship at the ripe old age of 21 for the Los Angeles Lakers and making a few All-Star teams, “Bean” was heralded as the next Michael Jordan. Given how skilled he was on both sides, opponents of this comparison couldn’t say too much.

2001 was a time when Kobe and Shaq were undoubtedly at the highest echelon of basketball superstardom. After going back to back, they seemed nearly unstoppable.

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As the NBA savored the success of the Lakers, LeBron James was making a name for himself as “The Chosen One” at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.

It was clear that LeBron James had it in him not just to make it to the NBA, but also to be a star in the league. Along the way, James and Kobe Bryant crossed paths unaware that they would have some of the most iconic battles of the 2000/2010s.

LeBron James talks about Kobe Bryant after passing him in the all-time scoring.

January 25and, 2020 has seen LeBron James pass Kobe Bryant in the all-time regular season while wearing a Lakers jersey. After the milestone, James sang his praises in the locker room while recounting some memorable anecdotes from his high school days.

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“At ABCD camp, he [Kobe] came to talk to all the kids and I happened to be one of the kids there. I was just listening, trying to soak in everything I could. I remember one of the things he said, ‘If you want to be one of the greats, you have to work at it.’ »

“Me and Maverick [Carter] drove to the Continental in downtown Philadelphia and he gave me a pair of his shoes which I ended up wearing the next night. It was the red, white and blue Kobes. I was 15 and he was 14 and I still wore them. I rocked them in a game and that was the same night we played Oak Hill against Melo.

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