Kentucky Shoe Store sells shoes right off the runway


Ladies, this is not a drill! We found a cluster of shoe stores in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and nearby Charlotte, NC that sell shoes straight off the catwalk and it’s magic.


Marti & Liz was originally known as Beaty Shoes in the small town of Beaver Dam, Kentucky. When they started to expand, they changed the name of the store to Marti & Liz. They now have 16 locations across the United States.

After visiting one of our stores, you will quickly realize that we are not your typical shoe store. Most stores have over 10,000 pairs of shoes on display, including many high quality designer shoe brands such as Coach, Nine West, BCBG, Kenneth Cole and many more! What makes our stores unique is that instead of paying $200 for the pair of high quality designer shoes you want, you can find them at any of our stores for around $24.99. Stop by today and you’ll be amazed at the amazing deals you’ll find!


Angel here and in case you are new here I am obsessed with shopping and finding deals. Even better, I like to share them with others. I discovered Marti & Liz about 10 years ago. I’ve always loved shoes, but it upped my game a bit. I drove to Beaver Dam on a Saturday and my life changed forever. I walked in and it was wall to wall shoes. They weren’t just any old shoes. These shoes were the kind dreams are made of. They had heels galore, sparkles and jewelry and I could literally go on. These were shoes you’re not going to find in a regular department store. I fell in love from that moment and have been coming back ever since.

They have a wide variety of shoes. If you’re an apartment girl, you’ll find some. If you like heels, no worries. They have sandals, tennis shoes and more.

My husband loves stopping by because you can find the most beautiful books and men’s dress shoes.


Now here’s the deal when you visit the first thing you might notice after the initial shock of the shoe wears off is that there are no boxes. Many shoes are not new. In particular, pumps can go straight off the runway when a model wears them and they cannot sell them in a department store. It’s the perfect solution if you ask me. You get shoes for a fraction of the cost and everyone wins. Here’s an example last weekend I bought a pair of Manolo Blahniks for less than $20. It was a white satin pair with a rhinestone finish on the heel. These shoes sell for nearly $1,000 in stores. I also bought my wedding shoes here and they were Manolo’s with rhinestones and feathers LOL.


I couldn’t highlight the shoes without showing you my fabulous find from last weekend. Now I didn’t buy this particular pair of shoes because they weren’t my size, but they were definitely picture worthy. I hope they get to their rightful and perfect owner.

I also have good news. If you can’t get to a store or just want to check them out, you can even visit them online.

I almost forgot that they also sell clothes!

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