K-9 apprehends teen in store – boy tried to keep police at bay using piece of broken glass: Cleveland Heights police blotter


CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — Aggravated Threat: Noble Road

At 4:45 p.m. on February 25, police were called to the Save A Lot store at 2227 Noble Road following a report that a teenage boy, missing in East Cleveland, was at the store. The boy was known for setting things on fire. There is, in fact, an open case against him for trying to set Save A Lot on fire.

Police entered to find the boy in an aggressive stance holding a piece of broken glass and threatening two men. Upon seeing the police and a K-9 officer, the boy told the officers to stay away from him. The boy was told several times to drop the glass or the K-9 would bite him. He replied that he “didn’t give two (expletive) about getting bitten” and entered the storage room at the back of the store.

The police followed and the boy attempted to exit through a door, but was unable to open the door. When he was finally able to open the door, it was blocked from the outside and he still couldn’t leave. The boy then grabbed a metal box from a shelf.

After ignoring further warnings, the police ordered the K-9 to apprehend the boy. As the dog did so, the boy used the metal box to hit the animal in the head. The dog stopped briefly, but when again ordered to apprehend the boy, it did. The police were able to retrieve the broken glass safely from the boy’s hand and arrest him. The police had the boy taken to the hospital.

Charges are pending for aggravated threats and assault against a police officer.

Assault: Delmore Road

At 11.05am on February 27, officers were dispatched to a home following a report of a man assaulting his girlfriend. The man had moved away from the house before the police arrived.

At home, the woman told officers that she had had a fight in the bedroom with her boyfriend about the mother of his children. The woman then left the bedroom to freshen up and the man followed her downstairs.

After talking more, the woman returned to the bedroom and started cutting up the shoes she had just bought for her boyfriend. When the man saw this, he demanded to know why she was cutting up the new shoes. He then strangled her and, using a shoe, struck her several times in the side of the face. Police noted abrasions on the woman’s face.

Officers were able to locate and detain the man a short distance from the house. He was arrested for assault.

Assault: Lee Road

At 7:30 a.m. on February 24, an employee of CVS/Pharmacy, 2160 Lee Road, reported that staff members had been involved in an argument with an unknown man and that the man had threatened to shoot them.

The suspect left the store before police arrived. While searching the area, police found the suspect at a bus stop. The suspect, 54, told police the disturbance happened because an employee spoke badly about his mother. The man denied threatening to shoot anyone.

The man was found to be wanted on a Clark County warrant for assault. Clark County authorities were unable to recover the man.

CHPD officers arrested the man for assault.

Domestic Violence: Noble Road

At 6:05 p.m. on February 24, police were called to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, 11100 Euclid Ave. following a report of suspected child abuse. At the hospital, officers spoke with a woman and her son, 4.

The mother said her son had been with his father two days earlier and noticed bruises on the boy’s body. The woman spoke with the child’s father, who said he ‘booed’ the boy with a belt because he urinated while the father dried him off with a towel after a bath. Police found bruises on the boy’s arms, buttocks and left leg. There were red marks and lacerations on his back.

At 11.30am on March 2, police arrested the father at a flat in Noble Road and charged him with domestic violence.

Mail Theft: Redwood Road

At 1:15 p.m. on February 25, a man went to the police station to report that a check he had mailed as payment to a hedging company had been stolen and altered to be payable to an unknown person. The check was for $2,450. The detective office is investigating.

Flight: Coventry Road

At 8.10am on February 26, police were called to Marc’s home, 1833 Coventry Road, following a report of a man and woman leaving the store with bags of groceries they did not have. not paid. Officers searched the area for the couple as an officer went to the store to speak with its manager.

As the officer entered the store, a man walked past him and walked through the door. The director followed the man and shouted, “Officer! Arrest him, he’s shoplifting.

The suspect ran and the officer gave chase, eventually apprehending the suspect. The suspect was found to have stolen $105 worth of merchandise.

Police learned the suspect was wanted on a Cleveland Heights warrant for non-payment of fines, had a glass pipe in his coat pocket and had a number of issues mental health problems for which he had not been treated lately.

Police took the suspect to Cleveland’s Diversion Center for treatment.

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