Jillian fills Huerter shoes nicely


Clifton Park, New York (NEWS10) — For the Huerter family, it’s all basketball, all the time.

That doesn’t change for Jillian. The youngest sibling finished her high school career locally but has a lot of hoops ahead of her.

The Huerters are perhaps the most recognizable basketball family in the Capital Region, so what’s it like to compete with top hoopers as the youngest sibling?

“We had a lot of two-on-two games growing up,” Jillian said. “Now we will probably do more shooting competitions, but we maintain competitiveness with other games. We play a lot of maps or whatever we can do to compete with each other.

With an NBA player and two Division I college players as siblings, Jillian Huerter doesn’t have to look far for inspiration.

“I always love having him with me especially when we’re training and even Meghan came home last weekend so the six of us got together for the first time in a while so that was really nice,” Jillian said.

The internal competition paid off. Jillian averaged 16 points, seven rebounds, five assists, four steals and three blocks per game as a senior for Shen, and thinks she has a well-rounded game that’s fit for the next level.

“I like to think I’m versatile,” Jillian said. “I can shoot, I can drive. I have long arms and can cover more area and I think my passing is a big part of my game to open up my teammates, just see the pitch because I’ve been playing point guard for so long.

Between seasons canceled by covid and some injury issues, Jillian is giving herself another AAU home run before putting her talents to college. She is heading to Kent School for a post-graduate year this fall.

“I really liked Kent because not only was the school great, but I really liked the coach and the team seemed to be in a really good environment.”

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