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I first noticed the now infamous sparkle shoes at some point during the Ada Lady Cougars Class 4A Regional Tournament Championship game against Harding Prep Charter School.

I looked in the direction of the Ada Bench and was temporarily blinded. And for the rest of the contest, I couldn’t help but peek in from time to time.

These shoes are loud and proud. I’m sure every Cougar activity center fan noticed these shiny beauties.

Two pairs of these sparkling, glittering, shiny, blinding shoes were pranced by Ada’s assistant coaches Meneé Thomsen and Shelby Davis.

I had to ask why.

Thomsen said they were trophy shoes. Whenever the Ada girls played in a game where a trophy was at stake, she and Davis would take them out.

At first I thought it was a great plan. Blind the opponent when the ball was on the same side of the field. I’m sure shooting percentages went down if opposing players peeked at the boots at the right time and from the right angle.

They worked well against Harding Charter as the Lady Cougars won that regional title game 53-37.

It was at the Zone 4A Tournament where Ada was matched against No. 1 Tuttle in a Zone Championship contest.

Thomsen and Davis wanted to triple the sparkling power and had fellow assistant coach Jeremy Strong break out his similar shoes for the big area title match. Strong refused.

It was at the local tournament that The Ada News photographer Richard R. Barron finally noticed the shoe phenomenon. So he captured some images of the girls and their shoes that accompany this column.

Barron also put on his reporter’s cap and asked Thomsen about the origin of the sparkling shoes.

“I bought these shoes at Davis Ranch,” Meneé Thomsen told Barron.

“They come in all colors, and they also come in sneaker style if you don’t want to wear heels,” she explained. “Shelby Davis has them too. We made a little pact that we were going to wear them for all of our trophy matches. So whenever there’s an opportunity to win a trophy, we’re going to be wearing these shoes.

The shoes must have been shorted.

Ada dropped a lopsided 62-28 decision against Tuttle on Friday and Blanchard kept the Lady Cougars out of this week’s state tournament with a stunning 44-38 win over the locals.

Ada head coach Christie Jennings was talking about the sparkly shoes Monday night in the press box at Cougar Field.

“We went 0-2. Shoes have to go,” she said.

Well Meneé and Shelby, it was fun while it lasted. But it looks like it’s time to shine. At least for now.

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