Inside the new Starbucks Community Store at Casa View


Photo inside Casa View Starbucks by Kelly Drake

In a relatively short time since March when we confirmed its arrival, the Starbucks community store in Casa View has completed construction of the former Payless Shoes space in 10305 Ferguson Road and open to the public, who have been enjoying its sweet caffeinated services for almost a month, after a soft opening in early July.

Neighborhood resident Kelly Drake shared on social media in mid-July about his first visit (which we, in turn, share with his permission).

“I said I wouldn’t believe Starbucks had opened in my neighborhood until I had a white chocolate latte in my hands. Well guess what? Notice we’re not short of cafes this side of the white rock lake but it’s less than a mile from my front door at the Casa View mall It’s so nice inside It’s a community store, only two in Dallas This might not mean much to others, but it’s another step to revitalizing the resume.

Starbucks at Casa View exterior by Kelly Drake

A few years ago, Starbucks launched a plan to open 100 community stores across the country in underrepresented neighborhoods.

These concepts are part of a Starbucks initiative to support youth and economic development in various underserved areas of the country, the company said in press releases. “Each community store seeks to hire from the neighborhood and partner with local women-owned and minority-owned businesses.” And Starbucks adds that it works with a diverse set of contractors for store construction and renovations.

Photo by Kelly Drake

Community store concepts also include classrooms to provide in-store skills training for people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are not in school or working. The classroom space also works for public events and programming. The concept includes partnering with a local United Way chapter to facilitate relevant community programs.

Dallas’ other community store, Starbucks, is in South Dallas’ Red Bird neighborhood.

A few years ago, the Casa View mall launched a $10 million revitalization effort. Tenants of which Stone Ace Hardware and Tacos and mas anchor development today.

The City of Dallas is investing some $20 million in the overall infrastructure redevelopment of the area, according to Daniel Frid of Shop Companies, owner of the center. In 2020, we reported on the Casa View Neighborhood Empowerment Zone to create more affordable workforce housing in the area.

A Starbucks spokesperson says the Casa View store employs about 25 people.

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