In the streets: we take a look at the new luxury store on Trinity Street



WE peeked into a new luxury clothing and shoe store in Worcester in hopes of becoming a ‘celebrity hotspot’.

On the streets of Trinity Street is a luxury clothing store selling designer brands like Yeezy Jordan’s and Balenciaga.

Shoppers might be particularly intrigued by the wall of luxury and branded shoes in the store which opened to the public on Sunday, October 9.

Aaron Ampleford, from Newcastle, joined the army after leaving school but said opening his own shop was something he would always dream of.

After leaving the army, Mr. Ampleford became a personal shopper and learned more about the clothing industry before taking the plunge and opening his own store.

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Hit the streets: New luxury clothing store in Worcester Photo: Newsquest

Although the 23-year-old is the founder of the new store, Krystian Kochanczyk, Travis Wiggins and Harrison Wood are also co-owners.

Mr Ampleford said: “The refurbishment, the rent and all that came with it came to £40,000 and the store stock is around £50,000 including Jordans and Yeezys.

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“I started a personal shopper for people and that’s where I learned to judge the market.

“From there, I decided to open my own store.

“Outside of my store is my audience, that’s why we chose this location.

“I could have gone to the high street where there will be more traffic, but I’m the only shop in Worcester to do so so footfall doesn’t really make a huge difference.

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Hit the streets: New luxury clothing store in Worcester Photo: Newsquest

“It’s the perfect place for me.”

Most people buy designer sneakers online or through a retailer called Kick Game which only has stores in London and Birmingham.

In the streets: Aaron Ampleford

“Being able to buy Yeezys and Jordans is pretty rare.

“In the future this will become one of the few stores and we hope to open in London and Birmingham.

Shelves full of designer clothes at a new store called In the Streets Photo: Newsquest

“But we’re going to focus on this store until after Christmas.

“We want to be the brand that will become a hot spot for celebrities.”

Since opening, Mr Ampleford said he has had a steady number of customers and interest in the store.

Travis Wiggins, 22, Aaron Ampleford, 23, and Harrison Wood, 20, outside the new In the Streets store Photo: Newsquest

“People came in their thirties but our main audience is 19-23 year olds.

“We had someone in their thirties come all the way from Malvern because it’s the only one in the area.”

Celebrities such as Young Filly and Krept & Konan showed their support for the new clothing store.

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