I’m an interior design expert – the trendiest storage hack can add $12,000 worth to your home


THE trendiest way to add extra storage to your home is also a phenomenal way to add value, according to experts.

One professional estimates that adding specific storage space to your home could increase the value of the home by $12,000 – an investment well worth the initial cost.


A tendency to save space can add tremendous value to your homeCredit: Getty

The estimate comes from Vlatka Lake, a storage expert at the Space Station. Lake explained that a walk-in closet can add tremendous value to your home, and it’s a smart way to put unused space to good use.

“If your home is starting to feel cluttered and you have some space, creating a walk-in closet is the perfect opportunity for you to cut down on the items you know you’ll reach for day-to-day,” says Lake.

You also don’t need a big space for his home hack. Go in with a plan based on what you hope to store and take action to see what is possible.

“At this point you want to think about what exactly you’re going to store,” Lake said.

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“From longer items like coats and dresses to small items like shoes and accessories, you’ll need to assess the type of rails you’ll need before you begin,” she explained.

A walk-in closet actually offers more customization than small rooms or freestanding wardrobes.

When planning the layout, also consider who will use the space.

Will it work as a clothes closet for you and your spouse? Or will it serve as storage space for the whole family?

This can determine how accessible certain areas are and how much of your storage you have on the floor or on higher shelves, Lake explained.

Lake said lighting “is a crucial element in any interior design, and it can quickly turn your space into something bright and clean.”

“If your space has windows, adding blinds can help soften harsh natural lights in your space,” she added.

Consider the lighting you will have when designing a walk-in closet


Consider the lighting you will have when designing a walk-in closetCredit: Getty

If you’re converting a space that’s not exposed to natural light, consider how you can place lamps or mirrors to make the closet brighter.

Strip lighting, ceiling lights or sleek floor lamps can accentuate the space.

Mirrors can function as a design element alongside their practical purpose, Lake said.

“The reflective surface amplifies the natural light, making the room look bigger and brighter,” she explained. “And the vast option for frames means you can add an exciting element to the room.”

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Finish the space by adding wall art that reflects your personal style or tasteful accessory racks to showcase designer items or other “showcase” pieces.

“The general convenience of a walk-in closet is something that can be enjoyed immediately and for many years to come,” Lake said – whether it’s loved by your family or potential buyers.

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