‘I wore a new pair of shoes every game, I felt like I could go out and show my best side’: Michael Jordan talks about his superstition of wearing a new pair of shoes every game


All basketball players have their superstitions – Nor did tradition spare Michael Jordan.

Every player is superstitious – even the Black Jesus is no exception to tradition. They are varied in nature – from listening to the same songs before a game to showering 5 times a day at different intervals. Michael wasn’t eclectic that way – he was normal actually. He used to wear a new pair of shoes every game.

He felt like wearing a new pair of shoes every game made him feel like he had something to prove – he felt like a new person wanting to prove a point. This meant he had to go through around 150 pairs each season. It wasn’t a problem since he was Nike’s star man.

The man loved his Concord 11s, and he’s probably the greatest exclusive player ever. Fashion beasts hate this choice because it doesn’t justify their logic of oversaturating the market with Jordan 1s.

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Michael Jordan loved being part of the design process – he wanted his input into the sneakers he wore daily

Without her input, MJ wouldn’t love his sneakers the way he currently does. He and Tinker Hatfield racked their brains to come up with several iterations of different designs, each a major hit. The story of the Air Jordan 3 is the most heard, of Hatfield coming on board to specifically design a pair of shoes so that Jordan wouldn’t switch to Adidas.

His favorite models are those with which he won the championships. The 11s in particular because those are the shoes he also wore in Space Jam. He wasn’t supposed to wear them, going straight to 12, but he wore them on the pitch, and it was the stuff of legends.

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