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In the costume closet there are stockings, hats, shoes, accessories and even wedding dresses inside. There may also be other accessories.

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia – Central Georgia is home to many performing stars, but there are also stars who work behind the scenes to bring quality theater to the community.

Leslie Campillo has been the Costume Mistress at Warner Robins Little Theater for over a year and has worked with the theater for the past four years.

“I love to dress up and I love to dress people, so it’s fun,” Campillo said.

She started working with Warner Robins Little Theater because they needed someone to organize and memorize their 1000+ room wardrobe.

In the costume closet there are stockings, hats, shoes, accessories and even wedding dresses. There may also be other accessories.

Campillo says she has always loved costumes. She works closely with directors and actors to put together the perfect outfits for the characters and the story period.

She says she will spend the entire rehearsal period for a show making the costumes, which is about 6-9 weeks.

“I never put an actor in a costume that he isn’t comfortable with or he doesn’t feel like it’s his character,” Campillo said.

Dressing up a show is a complex process. Campillo says it all starts the first time you read the script, when she can get the size of the actors.

During this process, Campillo reflects on the many facets of the show, such as the characters’ personalities, the physical demands of the role, the number of costume changes each actor will need, and more.

She labels all the costumes and arranges them in the order they are to be worn. She does this so when it comes time for the dress rehearsal, the actors can focus on their character and the performance.

While the show is going on, she’ll do the laundry, and when it’s all over, she’ll make sure everything is clean to be put back in the costume closet.

Campillo also works closely with many other theaters in Central Georgia, and they often borrow plays from each other.

“We have a lot of fun with that and it gives me a lot of pride, or joy should I say, when an actor says ‘that really made my character.’ I love that. I wish people would dress up. like that more often ‘or whatever,’ she said.

Campillo says that good costume design is about immersing the audience in the story.

“It’s a show, it’s a picture, but they see it – the audience sees it live so they can be a part of it. For some of our shows, ladies and gentlemen have told us, “I remember wearing this,” so that takes them back to another time, ”she says.

Campillo consults with costume designer on Warner Robins Little Theater’s upcoming show “The Play That Goes Wrong”. It starts February 11-26.

To learn more about the show or the Warner Robins Little Theater, you can check their website or Facebook page.

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