How the Antora Selection store in the spa town of Baden-Baden in Germany presents the best runway trends in Europe


At the forefront of Fashion Weeks in Paris and Milan, Andrea Wontorra, owner of a boutique in one of the most luxurious spa towns in southwestern Germany. With a keen eye for fashion, Wontorra’s client list ranges from women who live in Baden-Baden, where his shop is located, to international clients, and often a celebrity can be seen browsing his shop.

Hailing from Austria, Wontorra’s initial trip was nothing like owning a luxury boutique. “My studies are French, English and hotel business management. I ran a small hotel in the Austrian Alps where I also came into contact with fashion. The owners of the hotel also owned a sports and fashion clothing store, where I occasionally had the chance to gain shopping experience.

Fashion was not at the center of our concerns: “I like everything that is beautiful, special and unique”, she shares. With interests in art, architecture, interior design and cooking, Wontorra’s connection to what she does today is the synergy she has for beautiful things and her interest in them. . . Thus, in 1995, she launched Antora Selection, her shop located in the center of Baden-Baden.

The attractive town of Baden-Baden embraces the Black Forest and is the perfect location for all four seasons. With its remarkable retirement, health and wellness facilities, it has attracted Presidents Clinton and Obama, David and Victoria Beckham, and actor George Clooney. It has a global touch thanks to its 5 star hotels, spas, casino and opera house, the largest in Germany which attracts people from all over the world. And with the number of affluent people visiting Baden-Baden, luxury fashion boutiques like Antora Selection are popular.

Antora Selection is located in a comfortable pocket of the city. Off a main street, its slanted black awning bears the store’s name in gray. With two spaces next to each other, the large storefront windows are eye-catching. And when you step into either space, one is daring with dark shoe-filled interiors, while the other is warm in color and cozy with the latest designs and handbags of the week. the fashion.

Selling quality and uniqueness, it is not in Wontorra that it is lightly that there are other stores in Baden Baden. “My shop brings an international touch to the city. My clients find the best brands, not just a mass of products but a special range of products, selected by heart and with the greatest care.

Respecting the competition that surrounds her, Wontorra believes that what sets Annotora Selection apart are the luxury brands it offers, and for her, “you will only find one luxury boutique in town”, and that is his. “You enter a special world when you come to Antora Selection,” she shares. For clothing, the brands it offers are Balenciaga, Chloé, Etro, Alaia, Golden Goose, Tory Burch, Raquel Diniz, Saverio Palatella and Anjuna Collection, to name a few. And when it comes to shoes, you can find Aquazzura, Gianvito Rossi, Jimmy Choo, Jil Sander, Cutler and Gross, Dianora Salviati, and Berry Kiselstein Cord.

“We respect our customers and respond to their needs and wishes. More than just selling products, we try to guide, inspire and empower our customers, giving them a sense of well-being. To make them feel good and happy, my staff and I know they spend what they love most – their money.

But what enables Wontorra to meet the needs of its customers is the quality of Parisian clothing and its distinct process of choosing the brands it buys and sells in its store.

“First of all, we try to see as many shows as possible, from creators we already know and new ones. Getting a feel for what designers will tell us and learning from their news and inspirations guides me and my team. Second, it is about finding a concept among all the varieties for the store. And third, he prepares a list of the most important customers, trying to find the reason why they should buy in these new collections. Every buyer needs to find answers and connections between designers, their new ideas and their customers. After all this brainstorming, we place an order and hope the brands and agencies will accept it, and deliver it correctly and on time.

In the midst of Covid, with the number of infections increasing, Wontorra has taken a light step to attend Fashion Week shows, but when the pandemic subsides, she will resume attending shows in person. “We buy and sell emotions, and you have to touch and feel the fashion. Brainstorming and exchanging ideas with salespeople in the showrooms is very important. Even a good dinner after a long day in the showrooms can bring inspiration and energy, and I miss that.

We do not buy mass products or out of stock items. We always go for the new and the exceptional. Can’t wait to travel again! Zoom meetings are good for a first meeting or a restocking. But they will never replace face-to-face meetings. Antora Selection is fantasy, dreams and the fulfillment of wishes and desires.

You can find Antora Selection in the heart of Baden-Baden at Lichtentaler Strasse 7, 76530 Baden-Baden.


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