How many shoes are too many shoes! A Glimpse of Hardik Pandya’s Crazy Shoe Collection That Will Open Your Eyes


Take a look at cricketer ace Hardik Pandya’s incredible collection of shoes

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Hardik Himanshu Pandya, 28, from the Indian state of Gujarat and playing for the Indian cricket team, is one of the most beloved players of all time. Hardik is a versatile player and has shown extraordinary cricket throughout his career, from his days playing nationally for the Baroda team or internationally for the India team and now for the Indians of Mumbai in the IPL.

But cricket is not what we are talking about today. In addition to his batting and bowling sensations, Hardik is also known for his extraordinary sense of dress. From luxury clothing to expensive watches and eye-catching sneakers, Hardik always seems to have his style on top and we’ve got you covered. However, today we are talking about his shoe collection.

Hardik is always seen sporting extraordinary sneakers, clearly showing his love for sneakers displaying incredible looks. Outside of cricket his fans seem to have idolized him for his fashion sense and rightly so, he does it justice all the time. Some of his more extraordinary sneakers include Versace’s white sneakers. But the extraordinary thing about this pair is the golden Medusa head engraved on the top of the shoes. Another beautiful pair he has been spotted wearing are the Christian Louboutin, black sneakers with black tips that give him a funky look.

Apart from this, Hardik is seen showing off a variety of different shoes which he wears effortlessly. Hardik is also seen endorsing numerous sneaker brands, clearly showing his love for shoes. Check out some of his crazy sneakers here.

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