How did Allen Iverson’s shoes and overall sense of style change the NBA?



Allen Iverson is one of the most popular players to ever play in the NBA. He was a superstar, but also a trendsetter and an icon. Even though he played in the league over a decade ago, his influence is still strong.

The late David Stern was a fantastic curator. He helped the NBA grow and achieve global popularity, which had a positive impact on teams and players. Unfortunately, Stern also implemented the NBA dress code.

The new dress code was put in place due to Allen Iverson’s fashion style. The Philadelphia 76ers legend influenced several players and fans, and it was not something the league liked.

Allen Iverson had a massive influence in the NBA

Standing at just 6 feet, Iverson was one of the shortest players in the league. However, he made up for the lack of size by always giving his best and playing with a lot of heart.

The 11-time All-Star led the league in scoring four times and was eventually named Hall of Famer. Along with being a fantastic player, the guard was responsible for bringing hip hop culture to the NBA.

Iverson was one of the first stars to have multiple tattoos on his body and wear baggy shorts. He also popularized cornrow braids and wore an angled sleeve.

Iverson was one of the coolest athletes the NBA has ever had.
Iverson was one of the coolest athletes the NBA has ever had.

With Michael Jordan past his prime, it was Allen Iverson who was the league’s most influential player. The point guard was charismatic, skillful and cool.

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From Allen Iverson’s shoes to his headband, he was one of the most unique players in the league. “The Answer” arguably saved Reebok in the 1990s because their shoes were hugely popular. Unfortunately, the NBA put an end to that.

NBA dress code in 2005

Baggy shorts are a thing of the past. Because of NBA dress code as of 2005, players are no longer allowed to wear casual clothing when attending games. This includes inactive players who sit on the bench.

David Stern’s dress code states that players should dress in professional or conservative attire. That’s why many players wear sports suits or jackets, unlike two decades ago.

Iverson completely changed the NBA with his style.
Iverson completely changed the NBA with his style.

The NBA’s image was ruined after “Malice at the Palace“, and Stern did his best to address it. However, many players initially objected to the dress code, saying it did not allow them to express who they were.

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After Adam Silver took over as Commissioner, the dress code became more relaxed, allowing players to have more freedom with their fashion sense.

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