How a Malaysian makeup guru used his sense of beauty to design ready-to-wear


From creating high impact looks using brushes and rouge to creating outfits that can make a person stand out, a Malaysian makeup artist proves it’s never too late to try something new.

Steven Sunny, 44, recently collaborated with department store Aeon to launch a ready-to-wear collection. It includes 10 variations of the end of year arrivals from the house label Scarlet. Her designs range from pretty dresses to cool outfits.

“I would say fashion has always been my passion,” says Steven Sunny, who studied fine arts. “But this partnership remains a surprise for me. I never thought I would design clothes one day.

Her experience in the beauty industry spans over two decades. He is also highly sought after by global beauty brands, having made a name for himself as a makeup guru.

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“I had two weeks of sleepless nights! With around 130 pieces, the entire collection was hand-sewn by me, ”says Steven Sunny.

“I picked up the ready pieces and embellished them in different ways to bring out the ‘attitude’. Don’t get me wrong, the original designs are fine, but what I put in there is my own elements and thoughts.

For example, there’s a red two-piece outfit that he cut and streamlined for a cooler aesthetic. It also added a safety harness to provide a kind of avant-garde feel.

Another, a blue one, was made from a simple black dress. It now features an oversized outer layer of sheer fabric which gives it a fresh and youthful vibe.

the Scarlet x Steven Sunny is fun, dynamic and comfortable. The message is that a person’s existing clothes can be styled in different ways to bring out their personality.

The collaborative collection offers women a young and fresh aesthetic. Photo: Aeon“I think what I want to show is that you can wear things differently,” says Steven Sunny, of his designs based on the brand’s existing ones.

“They’re made to be easily mixed and matched with what you already have. If you empty your wardrobe I’m sure you will find clothes you no longer wear. So why not dress them up with pieces from this collection?

Regarding the transition from beauty to fashion, he says the two industries have always been connected. For him, it’s just another way of working to perfect looks – and using different tools.

“Fashion is seen as a new challenge for me. It almost sounds like how I started as a makeup artist all those years ago, ”he comments.

“But the style industry, on the whole, has always been a challenge. What I always aim for is to inspire people and bring out their inner beauty.

Steven Sunny says his aesthetic has definitely evolved over time. It took him all these years to find his true style, which he now describes as “dark, punk and a little edgy”.

According to him, everyone’s perspective changes over time. More so, over the past two years, which he says has made comfortable clothing the number one choice.

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His collection for Aeon talks about that too.

“It’s not just about being physically comfortable. For me, comfort is confidence, and that’s what I’ve tried to offer with the collection, something easy to wear that maybe everyone can relate to.

While he’s still not sure if he can still be called a designer – maybe more of a stylist, but he’s happy to have accepted the collaboration. He says he will likely continue to create new collections in the future in his personal capacity.

“Don’t limit yourself and just be positive. You never know what you can do. Everything is possible.

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