Here are some back-to-school thrift store finds around Austin


AUSTIN (KXAN) — 50-year-old earrings for $5 perch on a red crate and lightly used books line the walls of Top Drawer Thrift in Austin, waiting for a new home.

As high schoolers Mariko Frank and Asia Lindow shop around at their favorite thrift store, they hope to walk away with some reasonably priced back-to-school items.

At the same time as inflation is at its highest in 41 years, students need to check off items on their back-to-school shopping list to prepare for the upcoming school year.

During this year’s Tax Free Weekend, students and parents may be able to save money on school supplies and clothing. By shopping at a thrift store, they could save even more.

Lindow said she enjoys shopping for dresses, jackets and jewelry at Top Drawer Thrift when it comes to clothes she needs for school. She said that while the items aren’t as cheap as at Goodwill, they are of high quality.

The store’s shoes were priced at anything from a pair of colorful heels for $22 to a pair of Asolo AFS Ridge boots from Italy for $95.

“For the age and the beauty of the stuff, I think the prices are really great and definitely stuff I can buy,” Lindow said.

Frank’s thrift pick was a long-sleeved blue and white striped shirt with a sewn-on cat above the front pocket for $22.

Mariko Frank is holding the shirt she picked up at Top Drawer Thrift for $22. (KXAN Photo/Julianna Washburn)

An old picnic basket also caught his eye. She said she would use it for off-campus lunches with her friends.

“These are really unique pieces and each one tells a different story,” Frank said. “These baskets I was looking at – I just wonder what other people have used them before. It makes me even more excited to use it for myself.

Directly across is the Assistance League of Austin Thrift House. Items donated to their store usually arrive before they are brought to a goodwill, which means most are in good condition, but still at a low price.

On Friday, Al Thrift House was selling men’s shoes at half price and had a table displaying various school supplies in the center of the store.

The table offered discounted supplies such as bookmarks for $1, a box of pencils for 50 cents, journals, and a transparent backpack.

Al Thrift House said the most popular back-to-school items were his jeans, as they’re generally in good condition and most pairs cost close to $10.

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