Harden, Curry or Kyrie, the players aim to stand out


They say the clothes make the man.

If you ask any Washington County basketball player, shoes make the athlete.

With a bit of fashion sense and a lot of emphasis on confidence, a number of players have turned to a colorful brand of sneakers to make statements as well as points.

“I was in my room watching them,” said Grant Wetzel of North Hagerstown, who started the season wearing one green shoe and one yellow. “They looked good. The brighter the colors, the more I like it.

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It’s a “look good to play good” attitude. It’s a chance to be an individual in a world of uniforms.

But it is above all a way to stand out and get noticed.

Traditionally, uniforms were one-size-fits-all, until every player wore identical shoes.

This grip has been loosened. Players were given latitude in choosing shoes due to differences in taste, sizes, and brands.

Another factor became availability. The Williamsport girls were granted their ‘freedom’ after their chosen team shoe was unavailable due to a supply shortage.

It turned out that the shoes were stuck in a shipping container in parts unknown.

Years ago, Converse’s Chuck Taylors – which in fashion circles later became “Chucks” – were all the rage. They were the prototype.

The old canvas and rubber-bottomed shoes have been retired from the game, and the trend is to own shoes worn by the great NBA players that are lightweight and more colorful than the spectrum.

The reason?

“I want to stand out” has been said by many players.

Here is a sampling of local fashion leaders/athletes.

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