Gunman threatens employees in Cumru township convenience store heist, police say


Aug 4 – Cumru Township Police say a man pulled a gun on Wednesday inside the Sunoco A-Plus at 1547 Lancaster Avenue, then threatened to kill the workers before fleeing without take nothing.

Cumru Police were dispatched to a robbery at the store shortly before midday.

Investigators gave this account:

Two employees were behind the counter when a man entered.

He approached the counter as if to initiate a transaction, then pulled out a handgun and dashed around the counter to the desk. In the aftermath, one of the workers was knocked down.

The shooter entered the office and looked around, then walked out, still brandishing the handgun and threatening to shoot the employees.

He then fled the store without taking anything and was last seen heading north towards the nearby town line.

The shooter was black, wearing a black baseball cap and a black face mask. He had on a white hoodie with red writing on the front that read “Bad habits but good intentions” and a big red “V” on the back. He also wore black shorts, gray tights, black socks and white sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cumru Police at 610-777-9595.

If anyone prefers to remain anonymous, please contact Crime Alert Berks County at 1-877-373-9913.

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