Glamorous opening for the Mahain jewelry store and the Amici Di Moda boutique



A glamorous event was organized on Place Vendôme for customers and guests on the occasion of the official opening of the new Mahain jewelery store and the Amici Di Moda department store.
The boutiques welcomed local and international brand owners, media and influencers, and showcased an ongoing exhibition trunk showcasing the unique exclusive brands that make up the collections.

Mahain is a fine jewelry store filled with “the most remarkable and extravagant collections, not found in any other jewelry store in Qatar”, according to a press release.
“The boutique design and majestic marbles are inspired by nature; using flower petals, a universal symbol of femininity that represents the language of flowers. This unique showroom hosts designer jewelry handcrafted with passion, love and creativity; using the finest quality of stones and setting methods, resulting in a colourful, iconic and exotic collection originally presented surrounded by unique and specially personalized artistic sculptures,” the statement reads.

Mahain Jewelery brands are Lavalliere, Laffan, Nada Ghazal, Andre Marcha, Paolobongia, Malak, Christian Bonja, Abdullah Sakkijha, ACE, The X and the Mahain collection.
Amici Di Moda is a luxury department store that offers “the ultimate experience for men and women”.