‘Genshin Impact’ Leak May Show First Real Look At Ayato’s Design


Genshin Impact teased that Ayaka’s brother Ayato will enter the game in a future patch, supposedly a 5-star Hydro character, and now a new leak will show his design for the first time. At least from a distance.

You can see the design highlighted below, as Ayato is standing next to Ayaka.

This is from a reddit post by G4kky, and it’s supposedly a photo of a 2D animated trailer coming here very soon. The same source provided the recently proven true Ningguang and Keqing skins for the Lantern Rite event, giving this some credence and convincing many that it’s not just fanart (it doesn’t appear to have been released for the first time elsewhere than on this reddit post).

This also ties into past leaks regarding Ayato that he would wear a white suit. The image above also shows him with leather shoes and some sort of armor on one side of the suit. The whole thing is…slightly Colonel Sanders, but it seeks to compliment Ayaka in terms of design.

The post implies that we’ll start seeing drip marketing for Ayato, possibly including a trailer that still features him, in about a week on February 5, 2022. We already know that Yae Miko is coming in the next patch, and it’s possible Ayato will make his debut too, if the story returns to Inazuma for a while, given that both are characters there.

There have been a few different leaks claiming to know about different parts of Ayato’s kit, and while these are unconfirmed, there are some common threads like he will have the ability to reduce cooldowns within your party. Past that, it’s unclear what role he’ll play other than being a new 5-star Hydro, joining Childe, Kokomi, and Mona. Genshin has no tonne of Hydro characters at this point, so I’ll be curious to see what he can do.

More on Ayato to come, but this may be our first real look at him yet. We’ll see if that rolls out in about a week, maybe. Stay tuned for more.

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