Gallery Furniture and Houston Threads are collaborating to launch a store giving free new clothes to the community

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Free new clothes are being donated by a local non-profit organization, Houston Threads, to students enrolled in Work Texas Trade School and Gallery Kindergarten.

On Thursday, Mattress Mack opened the “Mini Threads” closet in collaboration with Houston Threads at Gallery Furniture on the North Freeway.

“All of our clothes that our young people can choose from, they buy them for free. Everything is always new with the tags. So they choose two complete outfits every six months. That is two tops, two bottoms, a jacket , a package of underwear, a package of socks, a new pair of shoes and toiletries,” said Cathy Hamilton, CEO of Houston Threads.

Free clothes open to the community will be offered later.

“You are referred by going to our website. You can be a teacher, a social worker, a CPS worker, a pastor, any informed adult who knows these young people might need help,” Hamilton said.

“I think this will help these young people look and feel better about themselves and hopefully help them work harder and get good paying jobs so they can be productive citizens.” , said Mattress Mack.

Houstonians are encouraged to donate new clothes, shoes and hygiene products to the Mini Threads location in Gallery Furniture. Monetary donations used to purchase special sizes can be made through the Houston Threads website.

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