From costume to tracksuit! The fashion brand opens “the first bespoke streetwear store”


From costume to tracksuit! Fashion label opens ‘first bespoke streetwear store’ on London’s famous Savile Row

  • Bespoke streetwear boutique Clothsurgeon will sit next to Savile Row tailors
  • A bomber jacket in the high-end store will cost customers £2,750
  • The new store even claims to offer shoppers “the perfect white t-shirt”
  • The change in the famous street for tailored suits reflects the decline in evening wear

For over two centuries, Savile Row has been synonymous with the finest bespoke suits.

But changing times mean that visitors to the famous shopping destination can now also buy a bespoke tracksuit or bomber jacket.

Reflecting the demise of formal wear after the pandemic, fashion house Clothsurgeon is set to open ‘the first bespoke streetwear store in Savile Row’.

What hasn’t changed is the high price of a pilgrimage to London’s most fashionable street.

Savile Row (pictured) in Mayfair, London has been renowned for its fine tailoring since the 1840s

Clothsurgeon’s bright pink Italian lambskin bomber jacket is £825, while a herringbone tracksuit will set you back £520. But that’s a bit compared to Dormeuil’s £2,750 MA1 canvas bomber jacket.

A Clothsurgeon spokesperson said: “The consumer is changing. They are getting younger, they are more educated, they have a different level of taste.

“The young consumer now has deeper pockets and they want something different. Not everyone walks around in a suit.

Creative director Rav Matharu told The Sunday Telegraph that he can even create “the perfect white t-shirt” according to the client’s design.

He told the newspaper: “We want to create the perfect white t-shirt, but the perfect white t-shirt isn’t the same for everyone.

“They might prefer a slow color and a thick jersey, a different shade of color. But it’s a piece in everyone’s wardrobe. So having this bespoke t-shirt in your wardrobe is everything. completely unique.

The fashion label was founded by Mr Matharu ten years ago and all of its bespoke clothing is ‘made in London’.

With an increasing number of office workers working from home, many stores have reduced formal wear and suits to accommodate changing demand.


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