First Look: Adidas Terrex Agravic Pro Trail Shoes


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Think of this new model in the Adidas Terrex line as the overlapping Venn diagram of two major trail running trends: one circle is the rise of the luxury performance shoe, and the other is the era of environmental responsibility. The Terrex Agravic Pro Trail shoe would be at the intersection of these circles. Although the name is kind of a mouthful, this is an incredibly tough and ready for anything trail shoe.

On the sustainability side, the shoe is included in Adidas’ ongoing Parley Project, a partnership founded in 2015 with Parley for the Oceans, whose mission is to remove plastic waste from ocean waters. The Parley organization harvests plastics such as discarded fishing nets and single-use bottles from the water and sends these raw materials to supply chain partners who shred them and then rework them into high-performance polyester yarns used in Adidas apparel and shoe uppers. On the Terrex Agravic Pro, the mesh is incredibly resistant to abrasion and has also proven to be very effective at keeping grain out of the forefoot area without compromising breathability.

In combination with a BOA lacing system, the uppers are constructed with a three-panel PerformFit wrap system that provides a remarkably secure fit on all types of technical terrain. The system is micro-adjustable with BOA’s lightweight L6 dial designed for precise fit and quick release; the ratchet is unidirectional for tightening, and the dial pops up for releasing tension. TX4 laces are designed to be flexible and low friction, and are constructed with a Dyneema/polyester compound for extreme tensile strength. Sealing is easy to achieve with this lacing system, but we have found that the application of tension is greater on the distal part of the foot compared to the upper part. The overall comfort of this system is commendable; even when we increased the tightness before steep descents, we didn’t get that uncomfortable feeling of lace pressure on the top of the foot that we’ve felt with other shoes. And the overall locked-in feel is among the best we’ve felt in trail running models.

BOA lacing system and PerformFit wrap

PerformFit Wrap System

Another benefit of the PerformFit wrap is that it prevents dirt from entering the midfoot area of ​​the shoe. Grit resistance is further enhanced by a high gaiter-style collar that wraps the heel in neoprene-style elastic mesh, which essentially prevents any debris from falling into the top of the shoe. Between the tightly woven Parley mesh upper, PerformFit wrap and elastic collar, you’ll never have to wear external gaiters with the Terrex Agravic Pro. A side effect of this combination construction is that the shoes can be a little tricky to get on, but luckily the double pull tabs at the front and back of the collar make this process easier. Once the shoe is in place, the overall fit of the upper is very secure. There is enough space in the forefoot area where we never felt constricted, even during 20-mile efforts. Some will see the upper as slightly oversized, and this sturdy construction contributes to a high specific weight compared to shoes with similar stack heights. However, it’s one of those rare shoes that you can lace up at the start of a long run and never have to think about adjusting or emptying later – and for many of us that’s worth a few tenths of a day. extra ounce.

Neoprene high gaiter collars; double zippers

The compound in the midsole of this shoe is Lightstrike, a super lightweight compound originally developed for tennis and basketball players. It was designed to provide cushioning and quick responsiveness for quick changes in direction and frequent lateral movements. Coincidentally, this same dynamic makes this compound ideal for trail runners on technical terrain, and the Lightstrike compound has been incorporated into many of Adidas’ performance-oriented Pro running shoe models. We were pleased with the compound’s ability to maintain speed on flat surfaces and its quick response in technical terrain. Generous 33/29mm stack heights provide excellent cushioning over long miles, and a full-length flexible rock plate minimizes the harsh impact of rocky trails; those two together gave us the confidence to let our legs spin a little quicker on sketchy downhill sections.

Medial aspect

For the outsole, Adidas sticks with the proven Continental rubber with 5mm multi-directional lugs for strong grip in all conditions. In our tests, this outsole proved to be particularly safe on steep, gravelly descents as well as sloppy mud. Combined with the lockdown fit described earlier, our confidence on tough terrain is higher in these shoes than most others we’ve tested recently. Aside from a moderate midfoot cutout area, outsole coverage is full-length, which is exceptional for overall protection and grip, but contributes to the overall spec weight.

Continental rubber outsole with 5mm lugs

With its rugged construction and secure, comfortable fit, the Terrex Agravic Pro Trail Shoe is certainly capable of handling 100-mile efforts, although the higher weight and size may make it better suited for logging high base mileage before to use a lighter stroke. day shoe. It is available in Men’s and Women’s versions of

Features and Specifications:

  • Weight: 11.2 oz for men / 9.8 oz for women
  • Stack height (heel/toe, in mm): 33/29
  • Heel-toe height (mm): 4 mm
  • Upper: abrasion-resistant textile with at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic recycled polyester
  • Lacing: BOA PerformFit wrap with L6 dial and TX4 laces
  • Midsole: Lightstrike foam with full-length rock plate
  • Outsole: Continental full coverage rubber with 5mm angled lugs
  • Single color option for men or women
  • MSRP: $220

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